The Underwater World of Corals

If you want to enjoy the unbelievable diversity of forms, colors, and shapes of underwater life, there are only two ways to do that – either to grab your diving mask and catch the first flight to the Red Sea, Caribbean or similar destinations, or you can just view the below photography gallery of underwater sceneries with corals at the focus. Of course, while viewing the photographs you may not feel the atmosphere of sea life in full, but believe us – this way is far more safer for your health and bank account in comparison to real diving, he-he.

In fact, the first time diving into the sea, especially to the places with corals and other vivid representatives of tropic underwater life, is a breathtaking experience in both literal and figurative sense. While your organism will get used to scuba breathing quite quickly, your imagination will stay excited for a long, long time. Diving to the coral reefs with all its flora and fauna should be very much alike to travelling to some fantastic planets in the outer space. Here you will meet corals of all the imaginable shapes and colors, pompous angelfishes, merry clownfish, unpredictable crabs, scary morays, and thousands of others inhabitants of the depth. Many of them are featured at the photographs below and we invite you to take this thrilling virtual underwater tour with Cruzine.

Coral & Christmastree worms by David R Shepherd

The Aquanaut – Frogfish, Lembeh, Indonesia by Cedric Guilleminot

Room Service by Mohamed Seeneen

Colorful by Lea’s UW Photography

Wakatobi-31Aug07-006 by efdixon

IMG_1036 by Ken Kasuga

Brain Coral by thejeffreywscott

Peek-A-Boo by Perry Aragon

The master of the reef by Csaba Tökölyi

Queen angelfish and sponge by José Eduardo Silva

And the Sky Above Me by Jon. Ellis

Tentacle Trio by Justin Rice

The Maldives Clownfish (Amphiprion Nigripes) by Ahmed Haanee Naeem

Feather Duster Fan Worm by Perry Aragon

Underwater at Okinawa, Japan by takau99

Sea Level 2 (Explored) by Ammar Al-Fouzan

The Absent Spectrum – Vatu-i-Ra Channel, Fiji by Jim Patterson

back to the Red Sea coral garden by José Eduardo Silva

I See You by Perry Aragon

Sea Anemone at Denver Aquarium by Chris Coleman

Coral garden by Jenny Huang

Vibrant Clam by Mitch Lathem

Here Comes The Clown !!! by pattpoom

Feather star by José Eduardo Silva

Pipe Worm by Helmut Pizka

Black coral crab (Quadrella maculosa) by Erwin Kodiat

Reaching for Food by Erwin Kodiat

Scorpionfish’s eye by Erwin Kodiat

Chromodoris kuniei by Erwin Kodiat

Flabellina rubrolineata by Erwin Kodiat

The Contrast of Beauty by Lea’s UW Photography

reefturtle8970pcw by Michael Gerber

Spikey Anemone by Michelle Kelley

Christmas Tree Worm by José Eduardo Silva

Peixe-Balão_ Arothron meleagris by Hélder Lopes

Blue Christmas Tree Worms, Thailand by takau99

More reef life by Dancing Fish

Enjoying the clown show by Kees Straver

Back to the underwater world by José Eduardo Silva

Threaded soft coral Altsionariya by Andrey Nekrasov

Moray by Andrey Nekrasov

Octopus by Andrey Nekrasov

Undersea Beauty by Helmut Pizka

Coral Hermit Crab – The World Through His Blue Eyes by Ulrich Leyermann

Hermit Crab by Ulrich Leyermann

Lion Fish by Sweet Capture Photography ®

Arrrr..hahhh! by Jenny Huang

Jenny! do a headstand to take photo! by Jenny Huang

Look at my eye! by Jenny Huang

Don’t touch me by Helmut Pizka

1 cm Nemo by Eric Javier

Mr.Krab by Eric Javier

Converging by Eric Javier

A Slice Of Spice by Natalia Pryanishnikova

Who woke me up? by Natalia Pryanishnikova

Beautiful by Mikael Jigmo

Motherhood by Mikael Jigmo

Camouflaged by Caroline

Riding Along by Caroline

Lunchtime by Caroline

The Cardinal & the Clowns by Michael AW


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