Daily Inspirations no. 87

You may be longing for the bright sunny spring days and water streams from melting snow, or for the warm, peaceful, and clear summer mornings… Still we all have to be patient waiting for that time and find the ways of coping with the dull and cold winter days. In fact, there are so many things that can cheer us up, keep us optimistic, increase vitality and improve the mood. This set of 33 inspirational images is the Cruzine magazine way to make the gloomy weather brighter, low spirits higher, and creative power stronger! The images we offer to all our visitors can inspire with grace and beauty, cheerfulness and fun, mystery and enigmas they eradiate. They represent the genuine ideas of advertising, development, and creating; they offer new ways of viewing the well-known things; and they also reflect our today giving at the same time a little hint of what our future might look like…


Les femmes clowns by Jayesh Pankhania

Photo by Unknown

Photo by Koldunov

Hrad Likava by Tomas Slabej

Photo by Gevorkyan Ashot

Photo by Michael Anderson

Photo by Ario Wibisono

Photo by Eudes de Santana


Métamorphose by Mc Productions

Squittology world by Ania Tomicka

RouteMobiel METRO Cover by Julian Burford

Electric Pulse by Chris Cold

3d Arts

Pigsy by Xiaoyu Wang

Artwork by Lee Griggs

Art and Digital Art

Clown by Tomas Slabej


New Work by Giselle Silvestri

Artwork by Femke Hiemstra

Sky doll by ssoja

Noctopus by tatomir


42 BELOW by Like Minded Studio

Gent BC by Coming Soon

Geometric Typography by Fernando Claps


Panasonic: Eagle by Lobo

Nyko Wand+ Unveiled by Blind Society

Chevrolet – Precautions for your cars by Unknown


YTL Residence, Kuala Lumpur by Jouin Manku

Fardos Sofa by Etel


Renault DeZir by Renault

BMW Megacity by BMW




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T4 idents by double g studios


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