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Growing din of an engine, smell of the burnt tires at startup, and sweet feeling of freedom and domination on the road – these factors are among those, capable of immediately increasing adrenaline levels in the blood of the majority of male population. However, unlike sport cars with their hot temper, powerful yet delicate aesthetics, trucks have their own story. This story is about pure, undecorated strength, roughness up to vulgarity, power, and a special type of grandeur self-respect. Trucks are not created to beat speed records or become another tool of seduction; overcoming the obstacles is their purpose. Aggression is what often displayed through trucks design, though this aggression has a very noble direction – to overcome the limits on a man’s way. Rocks or sands, swamps or impenetrable forests – trucks can become our allies in the most extreme environments.

This truck photography showcase is nothing but the hymn to power and manly design. Whether it is a cargo truck, moving tons of goods from one place to another, or a fire truck, called to suppress the fire, or an off-road vehicle, helping its owner to satisfy his appetite of an explorer, – trucks are always at the places we want or need them to be. Like a tireless titans, they help us daily – gratuitously and faithfully, to the very last move of the crankshaft and to the last spark in the cylinder. But before the moment of retirement, be assured, trucks will show their nature, temper, and particular charisma in full…

Airborne by Steve Jurvetson

Mother Trucker by Thomas Hawk

Ice cave by Georg Vilhjálmsson

Hálendisferð 13/01 07 by Guðmundur Pálmason

Mike Garland’s 2008 Ford F-250 Superduty by Denny Hao

Hummer H1 ((*explore)) by Abdullah Al-Shehri

Green Monster by bridgepix

Unimog (1964) by Sameli Kujala

Monster |explore| by Drey!

Volvo NH Road Train by Zsolti

Cool truck … by Ásmundur Þorkelsson

ZIL-131 by Loupiote

Always on top by Talal Al-Mtn

O Bruto by Igor Alecsander

Semi Reflective by Jason Hoover

Old Scania … by Ásmundur Þorkelsson

International tractor … by Ásmundur Þorkelsson

Emergency response to Jersey City fire by Steve Kelley

Flaming Peterbilt by Craig Sorenson

Truck ! by Abdulghani Alsooqi

KLM Tug by caribb

Strait line by static bob

Orange crush by static bob

Sunset Truck (HDR) by Carlos Bravo

Still Truckin’ by Evan Leavitt

Logging truck , real Monster Truck by Janusz Leszczynski

SVT Drifting by Talal Al-Mtn

Thirst Quencher by William Bullimore

Kenworth by Heath Raymond

Slammed Rat Chevy at the Southeastern Nationals by Douglas Johnson

Dodge on the Rock by Scott Ingram

Extreme!! by Luis Tamarit Nieto

Truck in the Darkness by floggerSG

Truck by fallingstar

Going offroad by Denis Istomin

Formula Offroad by Trond-Vidar

Monster Mini by DeviantPunisher

Formula Offroad 4 by Kristian Tjessem

The car that killed me… by Aura3107

Fire Truck by Ryan O. Hicks

Theres Still Work To Be Done by BeautifulDragon322

The truck by niso14

Truck by Adrian Petrisor

Truck by voogac

Monster Truck by Ariett

AMERICAN TIN by John Wildgoose

Motorsports by Marcos Dornbusch Lobo

Hot Rod by Ivy Wiedersheim

Trucks at Work by Unknown

TREO Engineering International CXT by TREO Engineering International

2008 Mr Norm’s Dodge Hemi Ram 1500 Super Truck by Mr Norm

Semi-truck-image by Kurt Ernst

Iveco Eurotrakker Tipper Truck by Unknown

Photo by patrickjoust

Looking for an adventure? by Hamoud Al-Rubaian

Location Photography by Offroad Images © 2010 by Motographics


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