Stereoscopic Images – Miracles of the Imaging

People have mastered two-dimensional imaging techniques, such as drawing, lithography, photography, and others centuries ago, but they have always aimed at mastering the art of recreating three-dimensional images on flat surfaces. This may seem to be a miracle, an illusion; however, in 1838 Sir Charles Wheatstone made the first step toward the materialization of the miracle, when he created the first stereogram images and a device, called stereoscope, enabling people see a picture with the depth and perspective while looking at the pair of seemingly usual flat images. Today, we want to showcase a gallery of stereoscopic images, representing the so-called wiggle stereoscopy – a simple yet interesting method of creating 3D effect.

Wiggle stereoscopy has got its name for the “shaking” nature of the picture, when two images, captured from two slightly different angles, are interchanged at a particular rate. This effect is easy to recreate on the PC, using Flash or animated gif. Though wiggle stereoscopy is sometimes criticized for its simplicity and incomplete 3D effect, the advantages of this method are obvious – you do not have to get yourself a specific 3D glasses or master a pretty challenging crossed-eye technique – a stereoscopic effect is achieved just with the help of two images wiggling in front of your eyes. We have included both color and B&W stereoscopic images into this gallery, so that you could evaluate the effect in different situations. Of course, stereoscopic photography is not a mainstream in the art of photography, but as the evidence of boundless capabilities of photography and imaging techniques – this is a powerful tool…

Old Stone Gate by Jim Gasperini

Flippant Venus Plunge by Jim Gasperini

Tall Tales: Who Is She? Where is This? What is Going On? by Jim Gasperini

Cinnamon sugar bread by Hiroshi Yoshinaga

o+o by /r\/a\/y\/a\/r\/a\/y \/a\/x\

Citroen half-track vehicle, 1924 by whatsthatpicture

DSCF4325 by Hiroshi Yoshinaga

Take a family picture by Hiroshi Yoshinaga

My lovely nesh by /r\/a\/y\/a\/r\/a\/y \/a\/x\

Voltom by /r\/a\/y\/a\/r\/a\/y \/a\/x\

Antoñito by 3d_vision

The Mine at Luzenac, 1900 by Thiophene_Guy

Ottoman-Era Ice Cream Vendor, 1898 by Thiophene_Guy

Bedoiun Woman (early 1900s) by Thiophene_Guy

Backflip at the Beach (early 1900s?) by Thiophene_Guy

Shakey by Gee Willi

“The Highwaymen” by Clicksy

Lowering Nitroglycerine Into the Well, 1914 by Thiophene_Guy

Photo by Mark Peckmezian

Destroying Atlanta’s Railroad, 1864 by Thiophene_Guy

3D Gif by coronetv000

Sk8rGrl by monsterbot69

IMG_5291 by Hiroshi Yoshinaga

Marianne (Minnie) Conway, 1870s by Thiophene_Guy

Coffee in the Middle East (pre 1920) by Thiophene_Guy

MOTO3D by Martin 3D

Jump 3D by Matthew Childs

Triptych: WWI balloon and crew by Thiophene_Guy

homenaje a Bela Lugosi by Marco Valdés Díaz

Officers of the Heavy Artillery, 1864 by Thiophene_Guy

Giani and the dog by Carlos Carmonamedina

Bird’s nest fungi (crucibulum laeve?) by Thiophene_Guy

Girl standing in the waves by Max Mayorov

Man standing on the stairs covered by waves in Venice, Italy by Max Mayorov

People in a mais field with a plane on the background by Max Mayorov

Man frightening away pigeons on San Marco square, Venice by Max Mayorov

Gilded Age miniature railroad, 1904 by Thiophene_Guy

Girl with a fountain – 3D by Max Mayorov

Man jumping in front of Justice palace in Brussels by Max Mayorov

Sumo demonstration during the Meiji era, 1904 by Thiophene_Guy


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