Daily Inspirations no. 84

Portrait is not only about depicting the appearance of an object, whether it is a human or an animal, or some piece of nature; it is also about trying to recreate a particular emotional atmosphere. We have included a few portrait photos in this Sunday issue of inspirations from Cruzine to demonstrate the idea of emotional photography. Photography is an amazing art for its truth-revealing abilities – it allows us to take a good look at people and things around us, revealing the slightest signs of a particular emotion or feeling, which is too transient to be noticed in the dynamics of the real life. By the way, digital paintings can also be very emotional, so we have included some illustrations as well. So, enjoy the graphics, set your imagination free, and create something artful too!


Photo by István Kerekes

Photo by moaan

Photo by Gevorkyan Ashot

Photo by Chris Kotsiopoulos

Photo by Ario Wibisono

Photo by Bernardo and Tomas Medina

Eyeliner/MAXIMA Magazine by Carsten Witte


HIME III by Michael Chang Ting Yu

Joker detail by Mike Thompson

Level 100 Honor by Kai Spannuth

Rhino by Steffen Winkler

Blessed Goat by Gonçalo Pereira

3d Arts

Voltron: Defender of the Universe by Angel Nieves

Demon Ogre (Low Poly) by Genc Buxheli

Sing Star Deluxe by Ralf Stumpf

Art and Digital Art

Painting by Theo Altenberg

Lexus Sculpture – CT Umbra

The Paper Genius by Jeff Nishinaka

Rabbits 2011 by Mirosedina

The Odd Kitty by Lukas Brezak


All You Need Is Love

Chatterbox by Alex Robbins

Deconstruct by province


Ford Mustang: Diner by Zubi Advertising

NCC Roads: Bumbercar by Integral A/S

Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker: Tank by Jung von Matt


Abby – Wood Bathtub by WS Bath Collections

Casa Fez


Frozen Smoke

Lagoon 620 Catamaran


The Cool Hunter


Free Custom Navigation Menu by Amand Hingra

Download Custom Menu


30 motion tests in 30 seconds by Steffen K


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