Funny Logos – A Way to Longevity

They say smiling makes us happier and also helps us to live longer. Well, while there are still some speculations around this theory among scientists, we, at Cruzine, are pretty sure, that smiling is good and it really can make people happier. So, we decided to show the examples of funny logos today. Indeed, all the designs presented below are capable of evoking a smile. Imagine how successful the company could be, if they would start making people smile and feel happy just from the first glance at the company’s logo… If you share the same approach as to logo design developing, please, have a look at the following collection of funny logos – this will definitely bring you much inspiration and make you smile, of course.

FatCat coffee by gPhoto

Wiseman Says by Dwight Co

Rastaman 2 by designer

Napoleon by Alex Badovsky

Bad Taste by orka

SaltyDog_V1 by Mike Bruner

Chef Boyar Dog by Adam Anderson

Tandem by Maxim Neroda

Bearable Winter Gear by Mike Bruner

White Rabbit (v.2.1) by Sergey Babenko

MAXIMUM by gPhoto

I’M HOME! by Mike Bruner

Western Wrestler by Adam Anderson

Innovolabs by David Morgan

Ruben´s Nuts by Alan Oronoz

Catrina Red Ale by Andrew Rose

Baby Koala V2 by Sneh Roy

Dooodyo by myway999

Moovers by Alan Oronoz

Nacho Macho by Alan Oronoz

Opera Logo by Randy Heil

Hootie and Sqweaks by Mike Bruner

Paranoia by James Strange

Dia de Muertos Party by Christian Castro Antolin

LabRat by Mike Bruner

Jesters by Mike Erickson

Death By Funk by Ben Garner

Mr. Couch by Arnas Goldbergas

Chocolate Marketplace by Jeffrey Devey

Nulaz by Andrei Gadoiu

Someday by Mike Bruner

Appenstein by Alan Oronoz

Crazy Croc by James Strange

Alien Baseball by James Strange

Brainiac by Mike Erickson

Urban Gourmet by Sean Heisler

Zoomania by ru_ferret

Mi Shutterbug by Jerron Ames

Quitter by Andrei Gadoiu

Banana moon by Konrad Kochanik

Gulp by Ryan Riegner


Tiny Red Bus by Gyula Nemeth

Caveman Entertainment by Sean Farrell

Nerd-xp by Felipe Rojas

Lightswitch Brand & Motion Design by Dwight Co

SHOWMAN by Mike Erickson

Rocket Nerds by Jerron Ames

Sheeple by Jen Heisch

Monster Pizza by Alan Oronoz

Wunderkiddo by Bojan Stefanovic

Mars sugar beet by Roy Smith

Thoppai by Gareth Hardy


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