Sea Adventure with Stunning Ships Photographs

The azure of the water and purity of the sky, the sounds of billows on the sea and calls of gulls somewhere in the height, white sales above the head and the boundless water space ahead – there has always been a particular romantics about the sea and sailing. Today sea vessels can be treated as the symbols of man’s boundless abilities. Many centuries ago people started to build ships to move civilization to the next level of evolution. Economy and science, culture and military sphere – all of them made use of sea ships and thus benefited a lot. Ships became not only the means of transportation; at some point of time they played the key role in exploring new continents, opening up new cultures, and eventually moving humanity from local towards global model of existence.

Today’s showcase of ship photography at Cruzine is a tribute to sea ships in all the variety of their forms, sizes, purposes, and, of course, to all those people who design, build, and steer the ships. On the other hand, ship photography is the evidence of the true talent and skills of the photographers, who made such stunning pictures. Thanks to the particular angles chosen, appropriate focus and exposure set, ship photographs illustrate perfectly the entire kaleidoscope of marine environment with the ships forming the integral component of the scenery.

Ranger in 60 knots+ by Lars Grepstad

Bourbon Mistral by Lars Grepstad

Normand by Lars Grepstad

Misterious Expedition by Caras Ionut

Magic boat by Jaroslaw Stryjewski

Ship in golden frost mist by Ketil Monsen

Greek Ship by reza

Sailing by Vidar Sandnes

Red Row Boat by Gary McParland

Head On by Mark Broughton

Ferryboat on the Volga river by Kirill Braga

Eurogate by Jens Kling

Many ships by Jens Kling

WaterworlD by Orazio Scuderi

Play Boat by Brian MacGillivray

4 friends by Korzhonov Daniil

Caribbean tour ’08 #1 by Zhdan Parfenov

Boat by Ilya Belov

The Ship by Serj Master

Ship by Aniskin Nikita

Transportation of Ore in the Arctic by Yaroslav Nikitin

Sank ship by Mikhail Shklyarenko

Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum by Eli Mergel

My take of the Ghiannis D stern by Nick Smith

Frigate 356 – Soviet Ghost Ship by Mark Lightfoot

Spirit of Tasmania I by William Bullimore

Independence of the Seas by Andrew Quested

Coast Guard 47′ Motor Lifeboat in Morro Bay, CA 04 Dec 2007 by Mike Baird

Bangladesh Ship breaking Yard : Iron Giant by Shabbir Ferdous

10.2006 010 in between dreams by Matilde Berk

Polar Star by Ville Miettinen

P&O Arcadia by William Bullimore

They Fish In Big Waves by TJ Scott

Off Kilter by idgie.

Sunny by Silvia de Luque

Future and the past by Janusz Leszczynski

Dernière escale/Last call by Larazoni

Ship Portrait – “USS Texas” by Louis Vest

HMS Ark Royal Emerges from the Mist to Dock in Portsmouth for the Final Time by UK Ministry of Defence

USS Dwight D. Eisenhower underway in the Arabian Sea. by U.S. Navy Gallery

Diver on ship wreck by Jonathan Milnes

Ship wreck near Walvis Bay by Edina Cross

Ship by Tom Grayelk

Morning ship II by globalunion

Cargo ship by Larry Coker

Ship by matrixstudio

The pirate ship by Anlin

The best boat by Jonatan Nilsson

Boat by Edward ‘Duarte’ Kim

The Ship by Eredel

Ghost Ship by KirlianCamera

Tall Ship Astrid by Stratege

Ship by Petr Ushanov

Ghost Ship by LadyVita

A ship in the sky by Bojan Brbora

OXIDO by Sonya Alvarez

USS Missouri – HDR PHOTO by John Price

Breaking Ships – Chittagong, Bangladesh by Rainer Wengel

Ships and Vessels by Christian O. Bruch


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