Trash Fonts can be Priceless

A group of modern computer fonts, called trash fonts, should never be treated literally just based on their name. In fact, trash fonts provide a fresh look onto the modern stage of typography and typeface design. Stemming from traditional fonts, trash fonts inherited many classic qualities, while making a great use of diverse modern font features. Not rarely, all those features are combined in such an unexpected mixture, that resulting trash fonts may look too progressive even for the modern typography standards. Some of them mimic the appearance of old-school serif fonts and others feature distinctive qualities of brush or script typefaces. However, there are a few characteristics, which are unique for trash fonts. They are unpredictable by design, uncategorized by nature, and unrivalled by their artistic value.

WC Roughtrad Bta


F2U Scratch

Vtks Study

The Quiet Scream




Love Ya Like A Sister

Vtks Giz

Drawing Blood


Schizophrenia Queue

Screw This

Vtks 36


Skizzed DSG





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