Daily Inspirations no. 80

It might be a surprising fact, but even a man of pure science, Albert Einstein, acknowledged that imagination is more important than knowledge. Absolutely, it is an imagination (an ability of a human being to create mental images and sensations in the moments, when such images are not directly perceived by eye, ear, or any other senses) that helps us create not only art, but science as well. Obviously, that is the reason for people to say that every great achievement or invention starts with a dream. We, at Cruzine, just want to help our readers activate the dreaming processes in their minds, and we really hope that our daily inspirations, such as the one below, gives a good hand at this…


Creature Book by Andrew Zuckerman

Bird by Andrew Zuckerman

Photo by Bruno Dayan

Photo by Marc Hom

Photo by Örvar Atli Þorgeirsson

Impala by Frank Solomon

Photo by Andrey Eroshkin


Girl Drawing by Axonidea

Goblin nightmare by Ramses Melendez

Pirates of the Spanish Main by Nicolas Ferrand

Artwork by Julie Heffernan

Hercules vs Hydra by Tomasz Maronski

Hot summer day by Gonçalo Pereira

3d Arts

Ringo’s funny by Thomas Bernos

ULTIMATES – Captain America by Diego Maia

Crossed Paths by Pierre Bourgeot

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Christopher Haines

Sweet Content by Archan Nair

Artwork by Jeff Proctor

Artwork by Yu Cheng Hong


Flexipop by Serial Cut

Rockoil by Serial Cut

Ideal by Serial Cut


Foorire FM Radio Comedy Station: Arthur M’bidonné by La petite boîte d’Euro RSCG

Pest Insecticide: Newspaper by Art Grup

Connect Furniture: Horned troll avatar by GPY&R


Technosphere by James Law Cybertecture

Burj Tower in Dubai by Emaar Properties


Morgan EvaGT by Morgan

QSST by Supersonic Aerospace International


Synaptic Stimuli


Dot icons by Yu Hye Shim

Download Icons


Animation – Fire & Ice (Robert Frost) by David Lindberg


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