Little Animals Photo Album

Have you ever noticed that there is a certain similarity between little animals and children? Of course, we are not talking about the similarity of appearances here, but if you look at the behavior – there is a great similarity indeed. Little animals like to play, fool around, mimic adult animals, and, of course, they always seek for parental care. It looks like there are some basic instincts, which are common for animals and humans. Well, at least Charles Darwin believed in that theory… Anyway, our goal today is to show you how cute and attractive little animals can be.

Below is the collection of the photographs, where the main roles are played by little animals: chicks, puppies, lion and bear cubs, monkeys and kittens. Some of them were captured by a photographer right in the middle of the game, others are shown eating or hunting (ok, learning hunting), and others – just taking a sun bath on the beach. All of them are yet small with cute muzzles and skittish characters, but very soon these creatures will grow up to strong wild animals, and our tender emotions to them may eventually evolve into a deep respect or even fear :-).

Suprise, is her name by Raul Alexandre

Siblings by Stephen Earle

Cheetahs in the rain by Stephen Earle

Fox Kids by Uri Kolker

Just born by Doron Nissim

Life is good! by Nikolai Zinoviev

(European) Reed Warbler by Yaki Zander

Feeding time by Katootje

Little Explorer by David Orias

Three of a Kind by Roeselien Raimond

Got a whole lot of Living to do….. by Roeselien Raimond

Lost in a Warming World? II by Dennis Bromage

Emulate by Doug Roane

Lunchtime by Daniel Hasselberg

Photo by Fabio Ornago

Mara Wind by Stephen Edds

Rear Guard by Stephen Edds

Fratricide by Alexandre Buisse

Not ready to fly by Carl Quick

There is a whole big world out there by Mark B Bartosik

First steps by Mark B Bartosik

The Summit by Marac Andrev Kolodzinski

Peekaboo by nova

TRIO by Ilia Shalamaev

The Essence of Cute by Brian O’Connor

Animal photography by Lina Gavenaite

Be Animals by Marco Basciano

Animal Planet by Daniel Price

Love: Mother and Child by C.S. Ling

Animals ~ Wild life of Asia by Vladimir Tugalev

Photography – Animals by Cosmin Eduard Nitescu

Single Mother by Alina Vorob

*** by Luda Onischuk

Washed by Ev Veber

*** by Nikolai Zinoviev

*** by Nikolai Zinoviev

Please, help me get down! by Nikolai Zinoviev

*** by Nikolai Zinoviev

*** by Nikolai Zinoviev

Happy 2011!!! by Zoopodium Photography

Puppy by Kogtev Oleg

Mama’s boy by Nikolai Zinoviev

Black Cat by Katarzyna Napiórkowska

Brie by Joel Zimmer

Little Zoom Zoom by Karl Drilling

Mini-Baby by thrumyeye

Baby lions, balls of cuteness by woxys

Baby Red Squirrel by ju5tath0ught

Baby kitty… by Sergey Bidun

Baby red pandas by Jenna-lyn

Baby Rabbit… by Sergey Bidun

Sleepy Baby by Carol Carr

Mouse baby by gingerbread-lady

Cheetah Cub: Worried by Flame-of-the-Phoenix

The Baby by FairytaleOrDisaster

Baby Butt by Robert Heischman

Lil’Furry Animal by thrumyeye


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