Trucks Photography – This is a Man’s World

Trucks Photography – This is a Man’s World

Growing din of an engine, smell of the burnt tires at startup, and sweet feeling of freedom and domination on the road – these factors are among those, capable of immediately increasing adrenaline levels in the blood of the majority of male population. However, unlike sport cars with their hot temper, powerful yet delicate aesthetics, trucks have their own story. This story is about pure, undecorated strength, roughness up to vulgarity, power, and a special type of grandeur self-respect. Trucks are not created to beat speed records or become another tool of seduction; overcoming the obstacles is their purpose. Aggression is what often displayed through trucks design, though this aggression has a very noble direction – to overcome the limits on a man’s way. Rocks or sands, swamps or impenetrable forests – trucks can become our allies in the most extreme environments.

This truck photography showcase is nothing but the hymn to power and manly design. Whether it is a cargo truck, moving tons of goods from one place to another, or a fire truck, called to suppress the fire, or an off-road vehicle, helping its owner to satisfy his appetite of an explorer, – trucks are always at the places we want or need them to be. Like a tireless titans, they help us daily – gratuitously and faithfully, to the very last move of the crankshaft and to the last spark in the cylinder. But before the moment of retirement, be assured, trucks will show their nature, temper, and particular charisma in full…

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