Introducing Light through Photography of Light

In photography light is not only the major force, which interacts with the photosensitive layer of the film or sensor of a digital camera and thus produces images; very often light itself is chosen to be the object of photography, its main model, expressing the key idea of the entire picture. The sparkling lights of a night city or a powerful directed light beam from the beacon on the seashore, colorful fireworks or fantastic aurora – light sources can be different, but the nature remains the same – powerful, emotional, vivid, and meaningful. Along with the camera, light is often treated as the only assistant, helping a photographer create real masterpieces of the traditional photography art.

Images, presented below, illustrate the whole versatility of light in the photography – from traditional “live” pictures of light to futuristic images, emerging from the symbiosis between a traditional photography and hi-tech image rendering techniques. It is still amazing how different light can be – at some pictures it is just a subdued ray, struggling through the fog, but at the others light appears in the form of a magnificent phenomenon of aurora, enlightening tremendous amount of the night sky. In any case, humans nourish some special, even primeval respect to light. After all, it is the source of life on our planet and also the source of optimism, joy, and inspiration, isn’t it?

Lighting of the Lens by mm767cap

Andenes Lighthouse by Roy Samuelsen

Bright night with northern light by Oystein Lunde Ingvaldsen

Night Shuttle Launch by Manny Larioza

Haunted Grainery by Sean McCormick

-22 celcius by Ketil Monsen

In Dark and Mist by Tim Corbeel

Heart of the city by hardibudi

Celebration by Ibrahim Canakci

Lightning Behind Santa Barbara Harbor by David Orias

Centrifuge by Aleksander Smid

Ferris wheel on the beach II by Ralf Prien

Frozen by Martin Stranka

Virgule royale by Fraydo

Hulahooping by Podi

Stary Night by Aziz Abbasi

In by wony

Coming light by Jens Kling

Train is coming by Jens Kling

Dune Blazers by Alisdair Miller

EZ3kiel by vicarious

Twilight by MarS-Photo

Bike at Night by Peter Sparks

Burning steam by Jens Kling

Men at work by Jens Kling

Explosion of Lights by Fabrice Muller

Wall of Light by Alexander Semenov

The Sphynx by kovacsati

The Gate by Aleksandar Martic

Shades of circus by Adam Urban

Cape Town by Jakob Wagner

These City Lights by Levi Wedel

9th LUZ by Repertorium Films

Wadi rum by Jérôme Lautré

The Center Of My World by Jonas Fornerod

Christmas fairy bench by Suren Manvelyan

Everything Will Illuminate by Recycle Bean

Nightlife by Alexander Zorilov

I was given a lamp… by Péter László Szalay

Urban Lights – Night studies of La Défense by Damien Vassart

Macro snow by Jan Schroeter

Sun Rise at Golden Gate Bridge by blindmanshooting

Spectrum – Red (new world) by Sergey Smolenko

Eight in highlights by Viktoria Garvare

Lovestory by Konstantin Gribov

Red sunset by Andrey Permitin

Light Falls by Eugene Vasenyoff

Explosion at the Pasta Factory by Maria Puhova

Untitled by Anton Kuzmenkov

*** by Viktor Baikovski

Shafts of light on the plane .. by Edmondo Senatore

Blade Swirl by Alexander Kuzmin

Torak by Utku Temel

Sunrise on a cold foggy morning by Keith Foster

Orange sand dune by Sam Dobson

Nebeleinbruch by Robin Holler

>.> by Andrew Maika

Untitled by Oleg Bu33a

Morning shower by Anna Zhdannikova

Galactic Highway by Ben Canales

Sleep by Ivan Evgenyev

Nightclub by Sasha Cherny

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