Daily Inspirations no. 78

Today’s art actively opens up and explores new spheres and virtual environments, provided by the Internet and digital technologies. Modern artists are no longer limited with the set of traditional materials and tools for creating their masterpieces. Today a digitizer and Photoshop palette are often used to substitute a traditional canvas, brush, and oil paints. As the result, many new forms of art appear with 3D graphics, digital illustrations, photo manipulations, motion pictures, digital typography, and many other forms among them. With our daily inspirations we do our best to share the examples of modern art with our audience. Exploring new horizons of modern art, finding new artists and presenting their works to the wide audience, along with providing inspiration to all those who take true interest in design – this is the purpose of Cruzine magazine.


Creature Book by Andrew Zuckerman

Bird by Andrew Zuckerman

Motion by Bruno Dayan

Matthew McConaughey by Marc Hom

Landscape by Christian Schmidt

Monkey Miwa hangs on to a baby boar Uribo

Colors 1 by Max Bondarenko


Dobytí Jižního pólu

Little Slice Of Paradise by Nautilus

Jay-Z by Pablo Lobato

Niaidia by Bec Winnel

Painting by Todd Schorr

Jhoorlmh by Ramses Melendez

3d Arts

Aliens Hate Anchovies by Angel Nieves

Wonded Ork by Dorian Bushi

Vampire Batman by Genc Buxheli

Art and Digital Art

Sad sad Tea by Cristian Grossi

Red by David Rodríguez

Illustrations 1.0 by Hassios Chihuahua

25 Fingers by Alexandre Guilbeault

Anthousa by Moie Preisenberger

Pelagikos by Moie Preisenberger


Requiem by Solvstrom

Zigomatique by Serial Cut


Peugeot by Abed Loutfi

Master Dog Light: Pool by Prolam Y&R


Lounge Chair by Michal Bonikowski

Shanghai World Financial Center by Mori Building Co., Ltd.


Hyundai i-flow concept

Razor Switchblade concept




Paper icons by Laura Serra

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ShapeShifter by Charlex


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