Colorful Logo Designs

While monochromatic or B&W images, definitely, have some charm and artistic uniqueness, bright and colorful pictures, including those used to build colorful logo designs, have always been especially attractive and popular among designers and customers. Actually, we live in the colorful world and if a logo design reflects at least some tiny portion of the huge palette of natural colors, it just makes such logo more lively, bright, and real. Furthermore, colorful logo designs are all about fun, honesty, openness, joy, and happiness. So, if you need some inspiration for building that kind of logo, look through the collection of colorful logo design samples Cruzine offers below.

Iconik by Type08

iTea HOUSE by Design Studio

Fenk by Cleos

Aka by Richard Baird

Plexus Puzzles by Bitencourt

Vilyaiskiy produckt by Snowkai

True Nature by geniuslogo

ERASM.US by Peha

Tullamore Estate by Koodoz

Grrrafix by Alex Mark

BYG by Wizemark

Bertha by Kaimere

FastTop by Alex Mark

Hawaii Tours by AMP

Espira by Senangh

Be the Star You Are by GR82

Vibrant Drive by Logoholik

Tropocol by Matjak

Browsera by Rokac

Vivid Vogue by Milou

Z.igro by Choerte

Blend by Zephyr

Africa Unite by Type08

lvlin by Damabrand

Jmc Crown by Fogra

The Human Elements by Impodster

Michael Spitz by Michael Spitz

Happy New Year by Jerron

Otis by Cerise

Bright Lights by Limeshot

Maria Fuxico by Dadado

Phusion by Helvetic Brands

Art Hive by Matto

Pyxpox by rabbit_hoang

iDream Images by Siah-Design

Vibrands by l-emental designs

Andy Fiord by Sbdesign

SIC Group by Lepshey

Brand Events by Tass

Get Wired by Bosh

Unay Outdoor by Tokostyler

Garden City Dental by Dikkers

Metroplex by Brandberry

Wrapture by NEXQUNYX

Cocoa Stuff by Maximalist

Creative Target 3 by Firebrand

Interiyo by Type08

The Creative Company by AJGagnon

Color by Flobar

Lexpro by Snowkai

Springnet by Danny

Guevaras Mexican Imports by Bartodell

Alcee by Bartek

Corolla by Neil McDonald

101 princess St by Longpig

Invento by Helvetic Brands

Inovaz by Helvetic Brands


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