Daily Inspirations no. 76

There is always a borderline between art and provocation. However, this line can be pretty thin and it is not often easy to define where exactly it is. On the other hand, why even bother about that borderline and try putting some tags onto creative works? All we have to do is to learn to perceive the world and art as well on the “as is” basis. In that case we will be able to reach pure emotions, when everyone will render things based on his own perception and not on the widely accepted norms, standards, rules, etc. Finally, there is nothing wrong about provocation, when it provokes us to think and explore distant corners of our own souls or to understand complicated interpersonal relationships in the socium…


Photo by Arash Karimi

Photo by Christian Bothner

Photo by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva

Photo by Oer-Wout

Photo by Sarah Maingot

Shrek the hairless wombat by ALEX COPPEL

Roses by Aleksey Marina

Calendar 2010 for Omega-Print by Aleksey Marina


Artwork by Salvador Ramirez Madriz

Plume by Bao Pham

Ambush by Yigit Koroglu

Moorkh by Ramses Melendez

Feathers and Skulls by Charmaine Olivia

Animal Illustrations by Ryan Berkley

Mosquito by Lilian-art

3d Arts

Raziel reboot :) by Tsvetomir Georgiev

Fly by Andrew Serkin

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Jarek Kubicki

Origins by Nik Ainley

Dace2 by Minjae Lee


Bozu Typeface & Identity by Josh Smith

Fear by .v l e k

Mod alphabet poster by Olivia Raufman


Mini Cooper S: Ponies by Gitam BBDO

After Dark Condoms: Bull by Creative Drops

American Laser: Hair Removal by Ogilvy


Dynamic Tower Dubai by Dynamic Architecture

Fictions by Filip Dujardin


Autonomobile concept passenger vehicle by Mike Simonian and Maaike Evers

Honda Bombshell by Honda




Vector Dots and Halftone Pattern by RubelCreative

Download Vector Pack


The Good Little Bunny with the Big Bad Teeth by Foolish K. Bunny


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