Conquerors of the Sky

Always driven by the desire to conquer the sky, it took thousands of years for the human race to turn their dreams to fly into reality. At first, flying like a bird was nothing but a pipe dream, however in 15th century Leonardo Da Vinci made the first steps to design a flying machine and at the very beginning of the 20th century two brothers Orville and Wilbur Wrights built and successfully flew the first flying apparatus, called Flyer. The dream came true. Air, the only environment previously unreachable for humans, was conquered. Indeed, all the people are dreamers, but some of them are really stubborn, when it comes to realization of their dreams. Often when they finally reach the goal, their achievements are capable of changing the entire world…

With this planes and helicopters photography showcase, we invite you to the amazing world of dreamers, the world, which proves that there are no unachievable goals and impossible dreams, as Ozzy Osbourne sang. Aviation is the name of this world, and helicopters, twin pistons, jets, airliners, and turboprops are just a few examples of flying machines, which exist today. Aircrafts photography is an amazing thing – it is the demonstration of power and speed, technical perfection and even certain hi-tech aesthetics. Today a plane, which is actually nothing but tons of metal, stuffed with highly intelligent electronics, and controlled by a human, is capable of reaching the heights, unreachable for birds or any other living beings on Earth. Isn’t it the best manifestation of the fact that every human dream can be turned into reality? Sometimes we just need some time to do this…

Speed by Zdenko Frangez

The power and the glory by Peter Walmsley

Red Arrows by Actionpix

Air show by Antonio Grambone

Heroic by Torben Meldgaard

The easiest way by Alexandre Buisse

Destined by Shane Peterson

Flaming jet by Richard McDade

Canadair aircraft in action – fighting for the salvation of the forest. by Antonio Grambone

Sunset by Fotoshi Toshi

Plane.. by Yuri Bikovsky

Plane from DMD by Denskii Snoogins

Old airplane by Lobanov Mikhail

Airshow by Francisco Flores

AeroMeeting 2008 / Cenej, Serbia by Goran Bajazetov

Aircraft Dreams – the airplane vintage series by Andy Kämpf

Cessna – Air to Air by Jason LaBombard

EBBR by Thomas Vandermeiren

In between the clouds by Katharina Schoene

Air Fest 2010 by Pablo Costa

Tel Aviv Seaport near Airport area by Yan G.

My first helicopter by asher-svi

One flew over the eagle’s nest by Marco Bianchetti

Helicopter in the sun by Hans Björkman

Helicopter by Ilya Belov

Royal Air Force Typhoon Jet Fighter by UK Ministry of Defence

De Havilland DH100 Vampire Jet Fighter by markfftang

Helicopter Air Refueling Mission by DVIDSHUB

Helicopter by Bjørn Hovland Børve

RAF Merlin Helicopter During Exercise Desert Vortex by UK Ministry of Defence

Helicopter arrival by Vilhjálmur Ingi Vilhjálmsson

Royal Navy Merlin Helicopter Lands Onboard HMS Somerset Near Iraq by UK Ministry of Defence

Cuba Gallery: Clouds / plane / blue sky / photography by cubagallery

Hawker Hurricane Fighter Plane at Kelmarsh Festival of History 2009 by Steve Greaves

Cormorant Helicopter by Bobby Noble

U.S. helicopters land outside the U.S. Embassy in Haiti. by Official U.S. Navy Gallery

Top Active USAF Fighter Jets F-35 Lightning II by AhBoon.Net

Uros Petrovic – Sun, sky, plane and man by Uros Petrovic

Ghost Plane by Kris Klop

Jet Fighter by Kris Klop

Helicopter by dr-phoenix

Helicopter by Gordon Stone McBryde

Helicopter by Natascha Tallowin

Helicopter by Andres Molina

Training Day II by R3ality66

Airplane by Sharky Waters

Airplane by Disisme

F22 jet going supersonic by Dr. Federico Farnese


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