Retro and Classic Logo Designs

People adore many things in retro stylecars, furniture, paintings, etc., not only because such things easily draw public attention thanks to their unusual and unique appearance, but also because all of them have already passed the test of time and proved their quality and authentic value. Old style logo design is often chosen to underline historical legacy and traditions of a company or a brand. Organic food companies, hotels, media and publishing companies – there are many examples of business spheres, where retro and old style logo designs are still in use today. Of course, rebranding is often a pressing demand of time, when it is necessary to renovate and modernize company’s profile including its logo; however, those companies that built their reputation for many dozens of years value their traditions and legacy too much to change their graphical symbols easily. Owing to that even today we still have many examples of retro logo designs.

The Olde World Rug Washing Company by Jerron Ames

Betty’s Fish & Chip Shop by Phil Howard

Jeeves Valet Dry Cleaning by Heribertus SEW

Selfmark by folkypaul

Hampton_Rustic by Dan Gretta

White Rabbit by Sergey Babenko

Rumble on the Waterfront by Danny

Kama Trader & Supply Company by Doug Martin

Milford & Sons by Joel Alexander

Russian Collection by Markin Alexey

Keith Home Made Cakes (Concept 3) by Marc Katsambis

Macho grill by Kristofern

Obie’s Fillin’ Station by Cara Christenson

Burlesque club by Sergey Babenko

Show and Shine car show logo by levelb

Giardini dopo la Pioggia by Sichtwerk GmbH

Hidalgo Stout by Andrew Rose

Ye Olde World Rug Washing Company by Jerron Ames

Lapis Boenda by Antonius Murdhani

Bankhaus Erbe AG by LOGOPED

Creation by Srdjan Kirtic

Joseph Pascua Photography by Mel Campbell

tort by milash

Cookie Momsters by Patrick Carter

Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) by Andrei Gadoiu

SILVERSTONE by Sergey Babenko

Coffee by Dan Gretta

DEEP SIX BREWERY by Mike Erickson

Lincoln Classic Bikes by James Strange

McFly Originals v1 (Concept) by Marc Katsambis

Charters2 by Mike Erickson

Chicken Shack by Mike Erickson

Selma antique2 by Mike Erickson

BOGANI by Mike Erickson

South Mountian Preserve by Jerron Ames

Hoppenia 2 by Sergey Babenko

Schneider Saddlery by Jerron Ames

Pioneer by Mike Erickson

Hestia International by Rudy Hurtado

Christmas Train by Mike Erickson

Rocket Coffee by James Strange

Bethesda Outreach Classic by Bart O’Dell

Disco by shaunvelka

Dollhouse by Frankie Oviedo

Lionhead by Mike Erickson

Le French Bakery by Michal Ozorowski

AntiqueSailor by voxsix


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