Happy New 2011 Year! Fireworks at Cruzine!

Champagne and fireworks are, perhaps, the most prominent attributes of the New Year celebration around the globe. With this fireworks gallery, Cruzine joins the celebration and sends the best wishes to all the readers, fans, subscribers, and followers of our design web magazine. We wish you stay healthy in the year 2011, be happy, lucky, and, of course, inspired about everything with some design elements in it. To put our contribution into the creation of merry holiday atmosphere, we would like to present the following gallery of fireworks photography.

Since the 12th centuries, fireworks are irreplaceable attributes of the New Years’ Day celebration. Being invented by ancient Chinese people, fireworks quickly spread around the globe, bringing joy, beauty, and magic into the celebration. When thousands of bright multicolored lights rocket into the night sky, bursting into the myriads of fantastic sparkles and creating unbelievable shapes of fiery flowers, the feeling of touching the miracle appears and the hearts of humans get filled with joy, happiness, fun, and desire to celebrate the festival of life. No more words – let’s enjoy the visual magic of the fireworks!


Summer Fireworks by David Pugh

Nordlyst 2010 by Roy Samuelsen

Fireworks by Rob Pantalone

Fireworks by Valentin Zayash

Colourful palm’s by Valentin Zayash

Fireworks IV by Tony Romero

Firework by Roman Firsov

Fireworks by David Virtser

Busy Lovin’ you by Ibai Acevedo

Fireworks by Kristian Flindt

August 1st in Switzerland by revameditee

Fireworks by Robin Birkel

Another Firework by Christoph Saile

Firework by Bohus Travnicek

FireWork FireFox by Hafizatul Asyrah

Firework 1 by daffyduf

One Firework by April Davison

Firework by Marc Huth

Firework by Vadasz Gabor

Sydney 2009 New Year Eve Firework by Yury Prokopenko

Singapore New Year 2010 Fireworks by Souvik Bhattacharya

Fireworks on Planet Krypton by Mike Jones

EPCOT Center – Fireworks Friday by Cory Disbrow

Halifax Natal Day Fireworks 2006 by Dragon Master

Taipei 101 fireworks at NY2010 by Daniel M. Shih

Miyajima Water Fireworks by orihashi

Lake Union Fireworks by Cynthia Lou

Brilliant wall of fireworks by CodyWDWfan

Olympic Fireworks by Melanie Dean

Favourite Firework Blur My 1st Explore by James Robertshaw

Fireworks – New Year’s Eve 2009, Boston Common by Brian Burt

Macy 2010 4th July Fireworks by Tony Shi

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks 2010 @ New York City by Steve Kelley

Tree of fireworks by Tony Shi

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks 2010 @ New York City by Steve Kelley

Taipei 101 Fireworks by Oliver Wu

More Mexican fireworks by Eyesplash

Globalfest fireworks / fyrverkeri by sspyndel

Fireworks at The Eye on Malaysia – Titiwangsa by Shaolin Tiger

Fireworks illuminate the sky over China Pavilion by meiguo Xing

Eiffel Tower Fireworks, 14th July 2009 by Breff

Oxford Lake Fireworks by SepiaBillo

Fireworks Over Singapore City Skyline during National Day Rehearsal by Christopher White

Fireworks by Victor Bautista

Fireworks by Jenny Audring

Fireworks by Nathan Kaso

Blade Runner Bouquet by Jon Sheer

Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks Midnight by Steven Higgins

BUSAN – Fireworks Festival by JU SEOK OH


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