Mountain Climbers – The Conquerors of Height

Mountain Climbers – The Conquerors of Height

They say rock climbing or mountaineering is not a profession and not even a hobby – it is a vocation, a calling, which cannot be explained or understood using traditional rational approach. There seems to be some majestic primeval connection between a man and a mountain. During years of evolution this connection got lost somewhere deep in the souls of the majority of us; but a single trip to the mountains, a short touch to their beauty, silent mightiness, and powerful tranquility is enough to wake up that sacred feeling and generate a desire to return to the mountains again and again. There is something incomparably more significant in mountain climbing than just clambering to the top of a peak. Even reaching the top itself seems to be only a part of a true purpose of mountaineering.

Years of human progress made us treat ourselves as social beings, functional but often typical elements of a complex algorithm of civilization existence. Those, who come to the mountains, say that this experience helps people re-explore themselves, find and understand their inner ego, comprehend their uniqueness, and reconsider the true values and a purpose of human life. Perhaps, this is exactly how the unexplained force of mountains influences people – it helps them regain themselves after being lost in the crowds of highly-industrialized cities and virtual environments… Anyway, reaching the tops is definitely about a triumph of a human; not a triumph over the Nature, but a triumph for and with the Nature, which created and raised a Human. The following rock climbing photographs, we believe, are the proofs of all the above said…

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