Daily Inspirations no. 71

Today, when it is only two days left before New Year celebration, inspiration seems to be everywhere. Though, we still hope to draw your attention to the set of creative works, we have just prepared for all Cruzine readers. The days between Christmas and New Years’ Day is often treated as the very special time, when magic and fairy tales can come true. We also wanted to bring some magic and unusualness into this gallery of artful works. That is why we put into it photographs with unbelievable colors and incredible visual effects, unexpected themes, pictured by skillful illustrators, fancy holiday font designs, and much more interesting works, including some free stuff for all the designers, visiting us and reading this post.


Fellow photographers portraiture by Ludovic Taillandier

Water by Ludovic Taillandier

Photo by Jamari Lior

Golden Bridge by Eugene Vasenyoff

Longtail by Alexander Semenov

*** by Zinin Alexei

Boys and girls by Ali


Sinister Six by Heebok Lee

Mental traveling by Ekaterina Grigorieva

Illustrations by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

3d Arts

Silniki by Tomasz Strzalkowski

Grand Space Opera Runner-Up by Fred Bastide

Mr. Squouch by Patrick Beaulieu

Art and Digital Art

You think because you think you dO by Dominic Brown

Liquid Dancer by José Reis

Gejsza by Ariel Ratajczak

G-Raffael & Orsson by JCRivera

December / February by Joao Oliveira

Recent Paintings ( 2010 ) part 2 by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

Nova era by Luiz Gustavo Scharf


Holiday font by Pop Chang


Inspiration is nothing by José Reis


Inlingua: French by TBWA

BGD Stray Animals Foundation: Lady by Markom Leo Burnett

Novartis Otrivin: Octopus by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi


Gwanggyo Power Centre by MVDRV

Blossom Chair by Vasiliy Butenko


Cadillac Urban Luxury by Cadillac

Gesture Remote by IDENT Technology, LUNAR Europe and Zinosign




Vector Pack Duo by JonnyDoomsday

Download Vector Pack


Train of Thought by Leo Bridle


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