Viewing Majestic Caves through Camera Lens

Caves belong to the most enigmatic formations, created by Mother Nature on the surface of planet Earth, or, to be more accurate, beneath it. Since ancient times caves were cloaked in myths, legends, and misconceptions. Lack of knowledge about the nature of caves with their inner world and inhabitants often scared people; however, once you get inside you will definitely be overfilled with absolutely different types of feelings and emotions. Caves are capable of amazing people with the unbelievable forms, grandeur and beauty of stalactites and stalagmites, surprising with fantastic metamorphoses, caused by accidental ray of light in the cave, and exciting us with the boundless space for explorations and unlocking secrets, which are still hidden beneath the Earth.

The art of photography makes it possible to travel into the enigmatic and unexplored, yet beautiful and attractive world of caves even without leaving the comfort of your house. Just scroll down your browser window and you will see fantastic images of caves with all the variety of their forms, colors, and textures. This photo gallery contains professional photographs of different types of caves, including underwater caverns. Furthermore, camera experts made their best not only to illustrate the world of caves, but also to highlight their most interesting and unusual aspects, subsequently turning photographs into real art masterpieces.

Inner world by Jure Kravanja

Cave In by Ian Sobolev

Cave… by Andrey Grinyov

The Cave by Alexander Semenov

Left passage by Viktor Lyagushkin

Moscow passage by Viktor Lyagushkin

Kanyon passage by Viktor Lyagushkin

Alisadr Cave by Mahdi Mirzaei

In red cave by Igor Goncharenko

Spikes @ needles by Wanderingval :-)

Ray of light by David Virtser

Old Natural Entrance in Carlsbad Caverns by Slava Mylnikov

UnderWater SpotLight by Eric Javier

Jomblang Cave by Anung.D

The Cave by Rafal Nowosielski

Cave Altar by Marcus Björkman

Free by Andre Gehrmann

Mirror Reflection by Fanny Li

Mine level silhouette by Francis

Mozrov Cave by Suren Manvelyan

Lightscape by Alyson Wilson

Caving in Portugal by Julio Sampaio

281/365: Cave Walkabout by pixelmama

Postojna Cave, Slovenia by Franz St.

The Temple Deep in the Caves by Trey Ratcliff

Amazing Cave! by David Hogan

Fire Cave Glow by Brent McGuirt

Underground Lake – Ryusendo Calcareous Cave by Satoshi Kawase

Mirroring in water, Reed Flute Cave by daisybj

Hugden grotto cave, tennessee river gorge, tennessee river gorge trust, marion county, tennessee by Alan Cressler

Echo Hall – Camps Gulf Cave by Tim Curtis

Stephens Gap cave – Cavers on rope by Tim Curtis

Smoo Cave, Durness, North Scotland by reiver iron

Cool Cave by Ellie Stone

Hinagdanan Cave by Lemuel Leogene Reyes

Rose Cave by Tim Curtis

Ice cave in Kverkfjöll (N-Vatnajökull) by Gummi Stóri

Keystone River Cave – Deep pool by Tim Curtis

Sardinia – Caves of Ulassai (Ogliastra) by Luigi FDV

View from inside Stephens Gap cave by Tim Curtis

McFail’s Cave – Entrance in High Water by saperl

Cave Curtain by Steve Cherrier

Taggard Falls and Crayfish Pool. My Cave, WV by Dave Miller

Cave by JRodrigues

Cave sunset by Stephen Chapple

Caving in Iceland by Gummi Stóri

Geniqui Caves by Culebra Divers

Mammoth Cave by Daniel Schwen

Giant Crystal Cave by Sabo Radu

Vo velkej sieni by mano7


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