Colors of Rainbow

Rainbow belongs to those natural phenomena, which, even being fully explained and described scientifically, are still perceived by people as something magic and mystique. Being nothing but optic illusion, resulting from sun light falling down onto the droplets of water in the air, rainbow has always attracted people’s attention, reminding them about the existence of some supreme forces or just fascinating them with absolute beauty of Nature creations. Before people could understand the phenomenon of rainbow, they created many legends and myths, always linking the appearance of rainbow in the sky with some deity. Because of its simple yet absolute beauty, rainbow has always been popular among artists who did their best to illustrate this meteorological phenomenon visually or verbally.

The gallery of rainbow photography presented below reveals the entire artistic nature of this natural mystery. Playing with color spectrum from red to violet, rainbow arcs add some surrealism and mysticism to common landscapes and sceneries. Whether it is a boundless field or high mountains, a waterfall or forest, rainbow always highlights the beauty of nature, its cleanness and purity. Furthermore, rainbow has a strong symbolic meaning. Remember the words “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth… And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh”.

Shower by James Puttick

God’s Canvas by Drew Hopper

„GRUENER HEINER” by Franz Schumacher

Iceland by Yoann Milan

The storm is over by Franz Schumacher

Lighthouse meets Rainbow by Carsten Meyerdierks

Over the Rainbow by hardibudi

Catch me a rainbow by Robin Roels

Beautiful Blyth by Peter Beckwith

Rainbow at Lillaz Waterfalls by Mario Spalla

Niagara Falls Rainbow by Greg Dunbar

Rainbowee by Rakhim Davletkaliyev

The rainbow by Yuri Ovchinnikov

Rainbow by Valentina Vergerio

Rainbow by Anton Onyshchenko

Geneva. Rainbow. by Stas Kochkin

Night rainbow. by Denis Allbertovich

~ rainbow ~ by Schnette

Rainbow by Dave Nitsche

Rainbow by Maria Fernanda

BokicaBo fashion designer by Nikola Arezina

Rainbow by Brian Foy

Rainbow In Dots by Miurama

Rainbow Rush by Keith Azzopardi

Australian Birds by Lesley Smitheringale

Pick Your Color by L p

Rainbow Valley by rwangsa

Rainbow and a wee boat – Ardtoe – Scotland by Angus Clyne

11/365 Look at all the colors of the rainbow by Vinnie W Photos

Rainbow roses are hard to find by ashleylashely94

Rainbow Rainbow by KIUKO

Rainbow – 110/365 by Niklas Morberg

Rainbow wigs by Sam Kimbrel

Rainbow over Sedona by Gary Mumaw

Rainbow.. by Vinay Joshi

Rainbow by Irene Jorba

Rainbow in my living room – The rainbow connects the sky with the earth. by Daniela Hartmann

Rainbow Refraction 2 Cropped by D. Sharon Pruitt

Rainbow… by chewie2008~

Rainbow Round by Ru Tover

Rainbow Round by Rainbow

*Rainbow* by Nicki Summerson

Rainbow by Nikos Vasilakis

Clouds and rainbow by Ricardo La Piettra

Rainbow Studs by Reitanna-Seishin

Winter Rainbow by Sandy515

Lagan Rainbow V4 by Gerard Callaghan

Rainbow by ironicna

Rainbow Leaves by MapleRose

Rainbow by Oana Stoian

Rainbow Fish by Hermin Abramovitch

…::: Rainbow :::… by nyndream

Rainbow by Sakonige

Double Rainbow by Samuel Bitton

RAINBOW by melloncolliebaby


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