Daily Inspirations no. 65

Perhaps, diamonds are the best girl’s friends; however, it may not be fully true if she is a creative graphic designer or just an artist. In this case, inspiration is usually the much more precious thing for a girl. In fact, all the creative people, irrespective of gender, are in constant search of things and experiences that can awaken and attract this unsteady and often so transient enlightening. We genuinely hope that today inspirational set at Cruzine, rich in colors, forms, and structures, will inspire you on creating your works optimistically, easily, and in high spirits!


Andrea Klarin Calendar 2011 by edsonwilliams

Portuguese Shoes – 2011 Calendar and Ad campaign by Frederico Martins

ADDMINIMAL CREATIVE STUDIO 4 “ICONIC” / campaign 2010 by Adriana Gerasimova

1936 Cadillac V16 Series 90 Convertible Coupe by Unknown

Autumn by Norbert Maier

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR by Unknown

*** by Dmitry Ageev


Artwork by Bree Leman

Gulf air shopping mall isometric illustration by Rod Hunt

Lion Knight by Mathias Verhasselt

3d Arts

Le Grand Cirque Des Couleurs by PRN

Dead Pool by Ali Jalali

Pontiac by Peter Kolus

Art and Digital Art

Sagaform product images by Jesper Orrbeck

Artwork by Zé Diogo & Diamantino Jesus

Erykuh Badu by Jeff McMillan

We the people by Ken Garduno

Harlequin by Arabella Proffer

Skull & Loeil Partoo by Skull’s eyes

Collaberation 1 – Halloween 2010 Phase 4 by Abe Honest


Objectype V//1.0 by Oscar Noguera


About by Bram Vanhaeren


Samsonite – B-lite by Peter Kolus

Telefónica Movistar: Shirt by Publicis Impetu

National Committee for Tobacco Control: City of Ashes by Euro Rscg 360


Tron Ice Hotel by Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones

Ribbon staircase by HSH architects


The BMW 1 Series M Coupe by BMW

Bionic Handling Assistant by Festo




Animal Vectors from Jimiyo by GoMedia

Download Vector Pack


Sam Prekop – The Silhouettes by Thrill Jockey Records


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