Daily Inspirations no. 63

Design is indeed a very broad concept, which covers multiple industries, where some specific designing ideas and techniques are used. From building websites to architecture, from interiors to fashion modeling, and from typography to cinema – today design is everywhere and its core task is to bring aesthetics into a particular project. That is the reason for Cruzine to compile daily inspirational galleries, based on the works representing different areas of practical design implementation. Photography, illustration, advertising, technology, 3D art, cinema, and typography – every single day, we look for some bright and unique projects in those areas to offer our readers the quintessence of today’s design – the highlights of its achievements, current trends, and upcoming innovations.


Photo by Andre du Plessis

Photo Manipulation by Sarolta Bán

Fisherman by Roman Shalenkin

Portraits by Caitlin Worthington

Prints by Caitlin Worthington

Suburban bliss by Ali

Photo by Ylenia Arca



Illustration by Meritxell Ribas

Illustration by Ada Buchholc

Imaginary studio by orkibal

3d Arts

Blue Dream by Ali Jalali

Daphne & Apollo by Adel Adili

Art and Digital Art

A Thousand Unridden White Horses by Louie Metz

O caramujo e o passarinho by uecz

Anni by tinecart

Portland Hipster bigfoot by Santiago Uceda

Woman-Pear by Sergey Tyukanov

Artwork by Jenny. M.

Urban by JL Thouard


Alphabet Zoo by Kyle Olson

Lifelounge Magazine 14 – The Gossip Edition by Luke Lucas

Ice Cream Type by Toby and Pete


Turinta: Kids by Mccann-Erickson

Smart: Evil Costs, Blue by BBDO Germany

Sonntags Zeitung: The Insight Story, Sarkozy by Advico Y&R AG


Lego Stacked Buildings by OMA

Art and Culture Center in SeongDong-gu by Unsangdong Architects


SSC Ultimate Aero II by Jason Castriota

Renard Grand Tourer by Renard


Daily Icon


London by offset

Download Vector Pack


Valse statique-la théorie du combo by Maxime Bruneel


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