Animals Showcase – A Little Bit Different View

Human activity in the modern world has an immense influence on the state and “health” of the nature. And while we continuously significantly pollute and exhaust our water, soil, and air resources, we still like to talk much about preserving, saving, and restoring natural riches. It is possible to say that it is even in high fashion today to be nature-friendly. Indeed, it’s hard to find a person who would confirm it aloud that he does not like, let’s say, animals. However, how many of us really care about them or at least notice them around? I’m afraid the number would be significantly lower if we answer honestly…

Our gifted photographers are among those who care about animals for fair; and the evidence is the gallery of images collected in our today showcase. It is dedicated to animals seen from the different angle (literary on some pictures :-)). Even the most common living creatures surrounding us every day, as sparrows, cats, and dogs, can be a real surprise for us if captured on the photos of creative and uncommonly thinking photographers. Though some of them look sad, the majority are still depicted merrily to show us that they are capable of cheering up, amusing us and enriching our life, and it is a strong reason for us to take good care of them, isn’t it?

Inquisitiveness by Konstantin Smirnov

Tongue by Serge Adamovich

*** by Nikolai Zinoviev

Where the birds come from… by Serge Adamovich

Photographer called? by Dmitry Zherebtsov

Love is… by Dmitry Zherebtsov

Aloha by Alesha Semchenko

Miss You by Tragedienne [Rustle]

*** by Ilnur Saetgareev

Wazzzzzuuuup! by Ilnur Saetgareev

* by Sergey Lekomtsev

Untitled by Denis Buchel

Tomber prisonnier by walexis

Humorist by Alexander Ignatiev

Hunt for flying monsters by Dael

Roadside Romantic by Rimantas Bikulčius

Drifters by Anton Polyakov

The big race by Amnon Eichelberg

The race 2 by Amnon Eichelberg

Untitled by Ramona Koko

Security guard by Roman Shalenkin

*** by Michail Vorobyev

Stork by Rauf Guliyev

Reindeer by Irina Makushina

*** by Irina Makushina

_*_ by Denis Buchel

Try to take away! by Sveta & Vasya

Snow-moon by Alexia Khruscheva

There Once Was A Dog ll by Denis Buchel

Sparrow by Evgeniy Safronov

Belling for the girls by Jeannette Oerlemans

Photo by Denis Komarov

****** by Elina Oplakanska

Trionychoidea by Vladimir Popov

Alien Cat by Vladimir Popov

Doggy by Lisa Zhitskaya

Baklancheg by Aleksandr Vinogradov

Guard by Maxim Bukin

HandShake by Maxim Bukin

NeverEnding Fly by Maxim Bukin

Kry by Konstantin Li

Brakes On by Hot Dog Photography

Molly by Hot Dog Photography

Limiting freedom by Elena Alhimovich

The Storyteller by Jeannette Oerlemans

Straaashno by Liudmila Wilchevskaya

Dragon by Anton Polyakov

*** by Slava Prokopenko

Triangle by Sergei Karpenko

Untitled by Eugene S

Splashes by Alexey Ivanov

Melana2 by Nika Shatova

Untitled by Stasya

Hugs by Stasya

Leather Cat by kknd

Brave-1 by Natalja Mistukova

Let me introduce myself! by Vladimir Gramagin

Untitled by sobol

Brochette by Marc Pelissier

Dream of Freedom by Janko Cvitas

Cattle Egret by Eric Landsberg

The Catch by Noel Marry

Sleep by Pádár László

Stags Fight by Morgan ONeill

Dust bath by Michel Guyot

Mercedes… by Kusoglu Ali

Cat and mouse by Mumji Serghei

Embrace Me by Harry Eggens

On Top Of The World by Sterling Hancock

Welcome Welcome by Harry Eggens

I see you by Vinni Bruhn

Intelligent crow by nugget_finder

Smiling Punk by Harry Eggens

Silly Walk by andreas612

Be patient by Shingo Uchiyama

Run Baby run! by Jeannette Oerlemans

Curiously by Martin Prihoda

Mehitabel pretending to be Bill the Cat by Ann Chaikin

Squabble by Harry Eggens

Foul shot by Olegs Patrejevs

Within the Focus Point by Zoltan Gyori

Ouchhh by Rui Pires

Captain Torchepot by gwichin

Lazy Gasha by LeDenA

Kung Fu Master by Lina Gunawan

What’s up doc! by Jeannette Oerlemans


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