Logos Featuring Water Animals

Once upon a time, many million years ago, water animals came out of the ocean to give a beginning to life on the dry land. According to the traditional science, that was the dawn of the evolution, which eventually led to the appearance of Homo sapiens. Today, people demonstrate their love and respect to water animals by different means: from keeping fish tanks in their flats to placing images of water animals onto the corporate and business logos… Below we are going to show our readers some examples of water animals logo designs. Take your time and enjoy these nice, lively, and bright logos.

Tranton Sea Food by Richard Baird

Design Wade by Riz Ali

Deepwater by Mike Erickson

Tacoast by Alan Oronoz

Marlin by Yuri Galitsyn

The Dogfish Company by Stefan Vasilev

Bait & Tackle logo by Shield Design

Beluga by Dmitriy

Seahorce Solutions by Joe Prince

Russnast by Kirill Demidenko


Lightswitch Brand & Motion Design by Dwight Co

Fisih by tolga

SPAhorse by Peter Vasvari

Killerss (v.02) by McGuire Design

FISHEYE by Andre Sousa

Kurper and Carp Merchants Changed 1 by Stefani Ernst

Cissili by nowonly

Tuna by Yuri Galitsyn

Undersea Productions by Josiah Jost

Seablings by Rudy Hurtado

Bigcolors by Nadir Balcikli

Fishnet by Stephen James

Zefish by Zebr

Word of Faith by Matt Frank

The Fish House by Euan Mackenzie

YVC3 by Srdjan Kirtic

Shark by Yuri Galitsyn

Ayvi by Alexey Markin

MissileFish by matjak

Mako Business by Mike Erickson

Roger Michel by Eric Schmid

Sonopod by Keefe Manwaring

Studio Multimedia Lotbiniere by David Laplante

ArtopuS by Noer Wanto

Octopus by Lukasz Jackiewicz

Crazy Croc by James Strange

CarpShop by Sergey Babenko

FishLine by Milos Radojevic

Gourmet by Malika Soin

Octop Visio by James Strange

Pacific Shore Capital by Mel Campbell

CodeFish by Mads Burcharth

Tonys/SeaFood by Damian Dominguez

8 Fish by Jerron Ames

Sharpshark by Mike Erickson

Fortuna by Roy Smith

Least offensive crustaceans by Jared Milam

Octopress by Mike Erickson

Toadprintv2 by Mike Erickson

Monty’s Crab Shack by Cam Hoff

Fishlicious by Joel

Fotofish by Ross Burwell Designs

FISHFIRE by voxsix

Fishook by Yuri Galitsyn

Greefish by voxsix

Fishogami by doncip

fishstripe by logobox

Bombfish by Logosoup

FreshFish by rajjo

SecondFish by Bojan Stefanovic

FISQUA by zapunk

Creative creatures by sayasuka

Star Fish by jasoncho

Fishcolor by crislabno

Great White Industries by Veep

SEAFINI by cerise


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