Daily Inspirations no. 61

A human being – this is the main theme, so beloved by artists and widely presented in multiple forms of art: from literature to painting, and from sculpture to theatre. Artists often choose human models as the core objects for their art works. Perhaps, it is because the human body itself is a powerful source of inspiration. As the proof for this statement we have prepared this inspiration set of 33 works, many of which feature humans: male and female, photographed and painted… By the way, inspiration is not only for artists to create their masterpieces – we, ordinary people, also need a daily dose of inspiration for our common activities, because it is inspiration, which turns life from dull routine into the bright and interesting adventure.


Photo by Nick Onken

Photo by Alex Macpherson

Older work by Rebecca Naen

On the road with Chloé by Anto Arismendi

Published//Poland Gazeta News by Karina Sagastegui

Pablo Picallo _DSC2779 by Miguel Prado

Personal by Josefine Jönsson


ELI by Kliment Kalchev

Hand drawn, digitally colored by Erica Sirotich

Explorers series by Jade Kuei

Illustrations 3 by Seb NIARK1 FERAUT

Environment Concept Art by Yohann Schepacz

3d Arts

The Almighty Thor by Mariano Steiner

Hunter by Rafael Grassetti

Art and Digital Art

Vrij werk by Jolanda Huisken

Coming Out Party by Leslie Ditto

The Mirrensley Girls by Arabella Proffer

Sugar Bear by Loretta Gonzalez

2011 calendar by Jenny.M.

Rouleau#1 by SKIO

Sculpture by Christina Mrozik



Cellula Font by Joao Oliveira

RESEARCH by Giampaolo Miraglia


Australian Government: The Line, Email by FaHCSIA

E-book Newton Compton Publishing: Sherlock by Lowe Pirella

ABP Professional Communication Award 2010: Desert by Heads


Skyscraper in Chile by students from the Universidad de Chile

Modern Mirror Art by Porada


Audi e-tron by Audi


Upload Pie


Vector Pack Sixx by JonnyDoomsday

Download Vector Pack


HAT, MAX & LAURA BRAUN by Michael Fragstein


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