Daily Inspirations no. 60

Real people and natural landscapes, fancy cartoon characters and dreadful sea creatures – these are the featured heroes of our today’s collection of artful works, called to impress, amaze, attract, and inspire the viewers. If you believe in the power of art, if you find designing works, photography, illustration, technology, and advertising to be valuable sources of inspiration – with Cruzine you are at the right place and time. Here we have tons of fresh inspiring ideas, impressive works, and a friendly community to share your thoughts about all types of design. No more words – it’s time for a quick journey into a fabulous world of visual images…


Rubén by Alejandro Juárez

I’ve seen by Ali

ADDMINIMAL Cr. Studio 4 FLAMBOYANT Behavior_2010 by Adriana Gerasimova

WORKBOOK 3 by Joy Datta

Quick Shots by Maciej Boryna

BEAUTY by Colin Bourbon


Pincel de Zorro by meritxell

Lola by Aileen Holmes

Heineken Open’er Festival 2010 by Ada Buchholc

Barclays Real Retail Project – isometric city illustration by Rod Hunt

KISSMI – Simpson by Jeff Cheong

Wisdom of the Ancients (center) by Jeff McMillan

3d Arts

Olla Prolong by Mariano Steiner

Sea Creature – Workshop 2010 by Rafael Grassetti

Art and Digital Art

Perception by Ken Garduno

Watercolor by Alex Chiu

ART /// PAINTING by Pascal Cuttoli

Nova emoção by Júlio Dolbeth

Vintage by tinecart

Monsterbation by Santiago Uceda

Daydreaming symptoms by Yell Saccani


Alphabert poster by Jeff McMillan

PDX Pop Now! by Santiago Uceda

Just Do It by Kliment Kalchev


ABP Professional Communication Award 2010: Alps by Heads

HogWine Potato Chips: Tease by Sick

Havells Decorative Fans: Mughal painting by Lowe Lintas


The Lilypad by Vincent Gallebaut

Micheli residence by Simone Micheli


Nissan Ellure Concept by Nissan




Cute Christmas Candies by Clairette

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Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection by MABONA ORIGAMI


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