The Untold Stories of Abandoned Houses – Photography Showcase

The Untold Stories of Abandoned Houses – Photography Showcase

No matter how sad and frustrating it may sound to us, it is still an undeniable fact that everything in this world has its beginning and its end. Changes are omnipresent, constant, and inevitable in every aspect of our life. They are, actually, the source of progress and evolution. They make us move forward and build our future. Changes make this life go on…

While we are pacing into the future, we are leaving, at the same time, a lot of things behind. The showcase of abandoned houses, presented to the Cruzine readers today, will merge us into the past of once prosperous and inhabited buildings. Some time ago these houses knew family parties and kids laughing; their walls still remember moments of joy and happiness, grief and sorrow. However, their lives have come to an end, and the real sweet homes are now nothing but the shabby remnants of what they used to be. However, these buildings do not just serve as the monuments to the past: they also hint that people that used to live there made their steps towards the better future; they took a risk and faced the changes, which hopefully led them the way of success, kindness, and peace.

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