Kids Photography – Caring for the Future

Sleepless nights, crying for no obvious reason, strange desire to test parents’ patience – raising our kids may often seem so challenging and difficult! But when everything is fine, when this tiny yet highly significant projection of your own personality smiles at you, utters the first word, makes the first step, or embraces you with the tiny arms, every parent understands that it is exactly the thing worth living the whole life for. Every little thing we do, either preparing everyday meals or trying to save the endangered species, we actually do because we care about our kids and our new generations.

In fact, a person may be amazed not only with his or her children: the kids we see in the park or those that live nearby also often attract our attention with their funny games, laugh, sincerity, and happiness they shine with. Yet, there is nothing more depressing and frustrating for an adult to discover despair, sadness, and fright in the eyes of a child…

Cruzine team have collected many kids photographs taken by gifted photographers, who did their best to show us that the whole world and the whole range of feelings can be reflected in children’s eyes. We really hope that this showcase inspires you on doing the best you can to read happiness rather than sorrow on the faces of the children of planet Earth.

Welcome by Schnette

Sunset and the kids by Kristina Veizman

Baby’s crying by Natalia Deksbakh

Secrets by Anna Podolskaya

Baby by Anton Zabielskyi

Baby by simxa

Baby by Ekaterina Semenova

Baby by Ekaterina Semenova

Baby by Ekaterina Semenova

Baby by Anastasia Zamyatina

Boy by Anna Dobrokhvalova

Smily baby portrait by Santiago Manso

Boys by Eugene Surina

Innocence by Joseph Poulli

Charlotte et Janelle by Charles-Etienne Pascal

In the Bathroom by Jérôme Lautré

Babies! by Jane

Júlia by Paulo Accioly

Inocence by Bako Lajos Bela

Baby by Malhar Sawant

Babies by Reesee ZiggaZagga

Babies by Maria Liven

Baby Luana by Cláudia Miranda

Please Talk To Me Again . . . by Ario Wibisono

Pondering the Future by Colmar Wocke

Reading by Ardian Zuehry

SeaWeeds&Fun by Antonio Arcos

First Autumn by Sylwester Szymanski

Sweet dreams and water melons by Helmut Schadt

Beautiful Scary by Andre Arment

Please … by Christin Gilbert

Kid on sunrise by Bulat Yagudin

Kid by ByRooM

Anti-Glamour by Olga Kochedykova

Boys and the Sun I by Sulde

English boy by Evgenia Basyrova

Girls eyes by Pisemskiy Dmitriy

Sunny Boy by Katya Efremova

Pumpkin-boy by Katya Efremova

So Windy by Thierry Draus

“little” angry by Robert

Rage Attack by Achim Lippoth

Portraits by Jenna Richardson

Pink Play by Nydia Lilian

Homeless by Max Barskih

The beutiful people by Ajay Menon

Lena by Peter Marciniak

Playtime in Brazil by Emma Hodson

Same Innocence by Edith Ramos

Photo by RamonaG

Learn To Fly by Jennifer

Born to Swim by JimaGination

Take a bath by Andre Arment

Cockfight by Ario Wibisono

Snatching by Andre Arment

Vermeer I Study Of A Girl by DeLone

Natalie by Jacek Kloskowski

Appalachian sessions by Roberto Adrian Sanchez


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