Giannis Germanidis Interiors – Mixing Style, Glamour, and Traditions

If modern architecture and innovative interior designs belong to the sphere of your interests, we proudly invite you to the enchanting world of conceptual shapes, classic materials, and innovative interior solutions from Giannis Germanidis, a talented Greek architect, representing a new generation of art-devoted interior designers. With his studio of professional interior designs, located in Kifisia, Greece, Giannis specializes in creating premium interiors with the extensive use of innovative materials and clear understanding of style, clients’ expectations, and traditions in residential and commercial interior architecture.

Giannis Germanidis has developed his unique style, where he manages to combine traditional comfort with innovative functionality and artful aesthetics. By mixing textiles, shapes, textures, and unique accessories together, Giannis creates the vision of versatility, which still looks coherent and harmonious. His every project is filled with vivid temper, obviously inspired by the cheerful and bright atmosphere of the Mediterranean, and deep aesthetics feel of the artist, who was born and raised on the land, once marked as the cradle of the human civilization culture and arts.

If you ask Giannis about his favorite style, followed by him in the majority of his works, he would, definitely, choose eclecticism. This particular movement in art, culture, and philosophy, which literally means “choosing the best”, was born on the lands of ancient Greece and Roman Empire. With the basics of eclectic style, suggested and promoted by Panaetius, Posidonius, Cicero, and later by Varro and Seneca, eclecticism is about finding and choosing the best from what has already been suggested within other styles and art movements. Eclectic style is a quintessence of all the other styles. It is the Hall of Fame, where all the best achievements and concepts are presented.

Giannis Germanidis is a true follower of eclectic style concept. Being well-educated and familiar with all the styles in architecture, both classic and modern, Giannis selects the very best techniques and approaches to build interior environments and decorate them in accordance with his unique vision of perfectness. That is why he always achieves an ultimate level of versatility in his projects, experimenting with multiple styles and joining them into the unique alloy of best achievements in architecture and design.

Here the simplicity of colors, lines, and textures highlights the conceptual painting on the wall:

The functionality and reserved architecture of the office space is combined with fine and delicate aesthetics of ikebana art elements:

Artificial lighting systems are seamlessly integrated into a space with open glass doors to let as much sun light as possible, and furniture, made of natural materials.

And here is one more notable project by Giannis Germanidis. This is Elouda Resort in Greece, where the architect created an exclusive fusion of man-designed beauty and that of natural sceneries of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is worthy to mention that Giannis succeeds in joining not only different styles, but also different materials in his interior design projects. His works may ideally combine Victorian-style textile with conceptual wall decals, wooden furniture with acetate glass. The latter is, by the way, among the favorite materials Giannis commonly uses in his projects. Supported with sophisticated light installations, acetate glass allows creating a certain level of mysterious atmosphere with vague images, resulting from instantly changing play of shade and light, shadows metamorphoses, and diffused contours of the objects.

Artistic and creative work always relies on inspiration, and Giannis Germanidis often finds his personal inspiration in travelling – he opens new countries for himself and explores earlier unknown cultures, traditions, finding new and fresh ideas for his interior masterpieces. Unfortunately, the art of words cannot recreate properly the visual images one can perceive while looking at the things with his own eyes. Following this, we are happy to invite all our readers to view the showcase of interior designs, created by the Giannis Germanidis, a talented follower of the eclectic ideas in architecture and a real Titan, when it comes to modern Greek architecture and interior design.

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