The World of Insects – Plural, Biting, and Bizarre

They represent more than half of all living organisms on planet Earth. The number of their individual species is estimated to be 6-10 million. They inhabit all the continents from frosty Antarctica to burning Australia. They astonish with the variety of colors, shapes, and behaviors. They are insects, tiny yet very important inhabitants of our planet ecosystem. The diversity in the world of insects has always attracted the attention of photographers, especially, those, working with the macro photography technique. Indeed, where else could you find such perfect models for micro photography as insects?

Arm yourself with a good camera and powerful lenses, and you’ll be ready to explore an absolutely new world, which often seems to be as bizarre as UFO with the only difference that insects world existence is scientifically proved and can be observed literally in your closest neighborhood. To make things even easier, we invite you today to view the gallery of insects photography, which Cruzine has compiled for you. We have searched through thousands of insects pictures to find dozens of the most prominent, interesting, imagination firing, and unexpected photos of the insects world representatives. Get ready to be surprised with the variety of colors, totally bizarre shapes, and, of course, the level of professionalism of those photographers who created such amazing pictures.

Butterfly by Anna Gorbenko

Third eye by Aleš Komovec

From flower to flower by Aleš Komovec

Time for breakfast by Aleš Komovec

Perfect makeup by Aleš Komovec

Beetlejuice by Alex Hay

Predator by Alexander Zubrickij

Alien by Alexander Zubrickij

Hopper…. by Dmitry Blink

The Elephant and the pug-dog by Roman Alexandrov

The future queen becomes angry by Roman Alexandrov

Fly by Alexey Pitalenko

Spider by Vitalijs Rusanovs

The Green Golbin vs Spiderman by Devid Camerlynck

Fighting the Dragon by Devid Camerlynck

Angry Eyes by Devid Camerlynck

Bees by Roman Condratiuc

Autumn bees by Lynx Mint

Fly by DiamondSteel

Butterfly by Denis Buchkov

Araneus by DiamondSteel

Butterfly by Wanderingval :-)

U.F.O. by Lubomír Hnat

Insect on flower by erBinn

Le insecte by Rolf Erik Lekang

Miner Bee by Boris Godfroid

Hung up by Andiyan Lutfi

The honeybee`s planet by Heidi Westum

Bee flies by Briot Steven

Bumblebee by Mikesi

Flight of the bumble bee by Chris Dixon

Tiger beetle by Johan Lind

The Sportcoach by Bee Thalin

Bee’s White Dreams by Mohammad Alkhamis

Kiss by Tomasz

Ration by Andiyan Lutfi

Lasius Flavius by Leon Baas

World Of Ants by Tammy Bergström

La vie en rose by Antonio Diaz

All i want is you by Fabien BRAVIN

Mantis by Boris Godfroid

Tiger Beetle by Enmos

Portrait of hornet by Mikesi

Hornet action by Kristoffer Jonsson

88 Butterfly by Boris Godfroid

Perch by Andiyan Lutfi

Butterfly’s Dream.. by el justino

Two couples plus… by Anif Putramijaya

Butterfly by Shay Habba

Butterfly by turansezer

To The Butterfly World by Todor Bozhkov

Blue and green by Yvan Barbier

Greta oto – butterfly by Carlos Arconada

Facing Death by AimishBoy

Julia Butterfly at Sunrise by Pedro Lastra


Saitis Barbipes by Tomas Rak

Catch of the Day by Niels Christian Wulff

Purple Rain by Timothy Poulton

The spider acrobat by Tiberio Taverni

The drunk grasshopper by Agostino Toci

Grasshoppers on Aloe by Jimmy Hoffman

Lubber Grasshopper by Pedro Lastra

Grasshopper by Jimmy Hoffman

Hidden life of insects by Suren Manvelyan

Insectuality by Trevor Henry

Terrarium by Daniel Aviles

WINGS TO FLY by Vedvyas Sridhar

Insects by Daniel Jimenez

As seen on Earth by Paulina Friedel


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