Daily Inspirations no. 55

Unbelievably realistic landscape and nature photos by talented photographers with Mary Kay, Irene Suchock and others among them; fancy and even frightening illustrations of fantastic worlds and characters; provocative digital art, that may even neglect or revise the commonly-accepted aesthetics norms – you can find these and many other graphic designing works in this collection. We believe that everything that excites out imagination and awakens creative thinking is capable of generating inspiration – a crucial element and integral part of art production process. Inspiration is, actually, what all the people need in their daily life, even if they are not involved in art. Anything that makes us move on and do something, definitely, has an inspirational component in it.


Photo by Mary Kay

Photo by Irene Suchocki

Photo by Nico Fredia

Photo by F. Philomena Famulok

Creative Christmas by Stuart Freeman

Twister by Raul Docasar

Three Blind Mice by Jang And Kev

Cayman Coral Garden by Julian Calverley


Alice in Wonderland by David REVOY

The final boss (from daily sketch) by Michael See

Moonlight shadow by Szymon Biernacki

Dominance War 4 War Machine- The Infinite by Michael See

Cyclops by John Kearney

3d Arts

The Astronaut by Jonathan Simard

Mumm-ra: The ever living! by Diego Maia

A storm is coming… by Carl-Mikael Lagnecrantz

Art and Digital Art

Photo Manipulation by Sarolta Bán

Photo Manipulation by Sarolta Bán

Selected Winter Themed Paintings from 2010 by Deborah Eileen Burrow


Ornamental M by Hugo Moura

MMMM Magazine Concept by Sarah Emery

Rowdy by Paul Drohan


Cenovis by Toby Dixon

On The Job Hand lotion: Wood by Dentsu America

Pedigree Dentastix: Doggie dentures by TBWA\Chiat


The BR house by Marcio Kogan

Shanghai bookcase by Giuseppe Bavuso


The Honda Air concept by Honda

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab by Samsung


Ben the Bodyguard


Splatter pack 01 by GotemCZ

Download Vector Pack

30 Different Flying Birds by IdealHut

Download Vector Pack


Dr Knowgood: Lion’s Pride by Arnold Zwanenburg


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