Use of Text in Logo Designs

While the language of signs is the most ancient way of transmitting messages from one person to another, verbal communication remains the most enhanced and advanced one. We use words with exact meaning to deliver and to perceive messages to and from other people. No wonder, that text is often one of the core elements of logo designs. Of course, illustrators and logo designers do their best to decorate the text and make it as much meaningful as possible. How do they succeed in creating textual logo designs? To understand this we invite you to look through the text logos in the below collection, we have prepared for you as always on Friday, the day of fonts at Cruzine.

Deep Guy by Muhammad Ali Effendy

DARKROOM by Ondrej Job

Cobode by Matt Vergotis

Bread by Gert van Duinen

ASSO by creatika

Defeo Architects by Daniel Suarez

AKA – Final Proposal by Richard Baird

ESCHER Ambigram by B. Wichmann

INNOVO by Michael Spitz

Type Division by Henric Sjosten

Coffee by Ivan Bobrov

Ariawan by Jippy Rinaldi

Hello by brandsirrah

BlupBlup by Breno Bitencourt

Primo by Andrej Matic by Blake McDivitt

K by Roy Smith

Saharan Lounge by Adam Nerland

Espira by Sinan Gharaibeh

BE THE STAR YOU ARE by George Rizkallah

Lyric by Craig Scott Russell

Miric by Ivan Bobrov

Sara Design by Andrei Gadoiu

Saphire by Milou

Enigma by Jan Zabransky

Cole Web Solutions v.1 by Joe Prince

North Dakota by Mike Bruner

Lockstocks by Jerron Ames

Kakara by Nitish

Urbanground by Felipe Sbravate

SUMAC by Michael Spitz

Olander by Andrej Matic

Browsera by Roko Kerovec

Jesters by Mike Erickson

SOCIONIC 1a by Mike Erickson

Future Gothic by Joao Franco

Logohype by Joao Franco

SWISS by Floris Voorveld

Onvo media by Florin Capota

Aedilys by Floris Voorveld

ADIPE by Petr Barak

Sweet Land by Alan Oronoz

Good Life hockey tournament by Oxide Design Co.

NOON by Neil McDonald

EGO logo by Mike Erickson

KASEY by Henric Sjosten

Banana by Audrius Rickus

Delizio by Milos Radojevic

Logoholik (inverted colors) by Bojan Stefanovic

Taca – Version 2 by Niall Staines

ESCO by Sergey Babenko

Badona by Oguzhan Ocalan

McFly Originals v1 (Concept) by Marc Katsambis

El SalĂș by Jasho Salazar

Danzk by Pete Lacey

Diamond emporium V2 by Milos Radojevic

Don Bocato by Alan Oronoz

Aqua by Pavel Stepanov

Wallen by Mads Burcharth

The One & Only by Srdjan Kirtic

Wave by Jan Zabransky

Revolver by Anton Kostenko

Pond (1) by Bojan Stefanovic

Peter Costello by Rudy Hurtado

Don Decor by Sergey Babenko

Gulp by Ryan Riegner

Nunu by Mel Campbell

Spry (2a) by Bojan Stefanovic

Mummy by hemisferiod

Urban Groove by Koma Studio

Perro by Mike Erickson

No Boundaries by Jerron Ames


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