Year 2011 Calendar from Tennis Star Daniela Hantuchova

Wherever she appears, either on the tennis court or on the glossy magazine cover, Daniela Hantuchova, a Slovakia born successful tennis player and a young sexy woman, she always attracts attention of the audience. These days, when all the people anticipate magic of the New Year, when the Christmas spirit has already come to many villages and cities around the globe, and merry tinkling of the bells on Santa’s sleigh is about to appear from far away, Daniela brings a new gift to the army of her fans and those who love fashion photography, art, and design.

Shooting for the New Year 2011 calendar, featuring exclusive photographs of Daniela, has just been completed in The Chateau Földváry castle in Hungary, and while the printed calendars need some time for the paint to dry before they are available for purchase at Daniela’s website (, Cruzine is happy to announce an exclusive opportunity for our readers and all the fans of Daniela Hantuchova to be the first to view the photos, included in the calendar, right now and right here. With the generous permission of Daniella, Cruzine magazine is the first online location, where 13 original photographs from the calendar plus 2 bonus pictures will be available.

Along with her professional activities, Daniela also takes an active part in charity events. This calendar is the next of her initiatives to raise money for charity purposes. Hence, all the funds, received from the sales of the calendar, will be directed to help children with HIV diagnosis in one of the hospitals in Cambodia, called The House of Smile. Cruzine is proud to participate in such a noble activity, helping Daniela to promote the calendar and spread the word about it in the virtual world of the Internet.

Beautiful nature of Ottevény village in Hungary, where the Chateau Földváry is located, along with the charming atmosphere of the castle itself, turned the work on this calendar into “a great experience and lot of fun as well”, as Daniela said. By the way, the choice of Chateau Földváry was not accidental: this 19th century castle offers a unique atmosphere of nobleness, beauty, family values, and honorable legacy. Inspired by such atmosphere and the charity purpose of the work, Daniela and the team of photographers and designers devoted their time and efforts to help children in Cambodia. The new calendar is the result of this great work.

Thanks to the natural charm of Daniela Hantuchova and the ultimate skills of the photographer Brano Simoncik, style designer Lukas Kimlicka, and hair stylist Janko Molnar, 13 unique images where created for the calendar, each opening new Daniela and revealing some unique even intimate parts of her soul.  Turning the pages of the calendar, you will be able to see the same yet different person on the pictures. Here you see a passionate and committed woman with a desire and dedication in her eyes, but once you turn the page you’ll immediately see Daniela in an absolutely different role of a charmingly naïve girl with enchanting smile and fascinating curls. Though Daniela appears in many different roles in this calendar, she does not play all those roles but rather lives them, every time revealing to us just another unique part of her versatile and rich inner world.

Speaking about Daniela Hantuchova calendar, it is impossible not to pay attention to one simple yet meaningful detail – designers chose black-and-white photography for most of the pictures. What is this – a desire to underline the style and glamour of the calendar or just an effort to concentrate on the personality rather than on the color palette? Actually, here we see nothing but a professional move to combine all the mentioned purposes and create the art work, where style and fashion meets personality and humanity, underlining and amplifying each other.

Before we proceed to the enchanting pictures of Daniela from her calendar, let us offer you another gift for our readers – this is an exclusive interview for Cruzine magazine, where Daniela answered a few questions about her experience with making this calendar.


Q: Daniela, first of all, let us thank you for investing your time and talking with us today. We have just enjoyed your fantastic pictures for the Year 2011 calendar. What is your personal understanding of the key purpose of this calendar?

A: Purpose of this calendar is pretty simple – my charity in Kambodgia … we were thinking how to improve our work there for the kids that need it very much and thought that this could be at least a small step to make people aware of the problems there and help to support a good cause.

Q: As we know it took only 2 days to shoot all the pictures for this calendar. What motivated you personally and the team of designers to finalize the project in such a short period of time producing, at the same time, absolutely ultimate results?

A: The whole team did a fantastic job and the photographer Brano Simoncik is absolutely great … it was amazing that we were able to do it all over the period of only two days (actually day and half) since to my busy schedule I couldn’t find more time than that … but I guess sometimes when there is less time the results are better :).

Q: Daniela, we believe that there are many similarities between sport and art. For example, both require inspiration to achieve success. What things inspire you for your achievements in sport and, maybe, in personal life?

A: Yes there is definitely a close connection between art and sport and many similarities, in this case we have tried to give people a different look to how they see me in the sport world and make it more as a piece of art … whatever I do, whether it is playing tennis or work outside the court I’m always motivated to get the best results and only do it 100%.

Q: You appear as a professional fashion model on the calendar. What do you like about this particular role?

A: Like I said I have really enjoyed beeing part of this project since it felt more like beeing part of an art than a modeling project and we already have different idea for next year shooting … the photographer is very creative which was the key in doing 13 different looks in two days time!

Q: Are there any other design projects where you participated as a model?

A: I love being part of either fashion or art projects where I actually don’t represent myself but a certain brand or project. In the future I would love to have my own fashion label since designing is something I have been always the most interested in outside my tennis world.

Q: Our magazine Cruzine is devoted to all types of design and visual art. Are there any specific forms of art you are interested in?

A: I know this may be surpising but I love so much the art of sailing and boats, the way they design boats in todays world is pretty amazing and it’s my dream to have one after I stop playing tennis … obviously I love interior design as well since my brother is a excellent architect so I guess the taste for art we have got a bit in the family :).

Q: The world knows you as a successful tennis player. What do you love in tennis most?

A: Well I just think it is the most beautiful sport in the world and it is a big privilege to wake every morning and do something that I love so much which is playing the game :).

Q: What advice could you give to young people, who just start their career in professional tennis?

A: That tennis is not everything and that there are many more important things in life such as family, right education, having fun with whatever we do and not to take it too seriously!

Q: Since we are all going to celebrate Christmas and New Year soon, have you already made your wish for Santa Clause, and what are you expecting to receive from him this year (if not a secret, of course)?

A: Well my biggest wish for xmas is always for family to be healthy as that’s the most important thing, everything else doesn’t matter …

Q: Have you already chosen the place to celebrate this New Year?

A: For new year I will already have to be in Australia preparing for my first tournament which starts in Brisbane.

Thank you, Daniela, for this interview. It was a great pleasure for us, and we are sure it will be a great pleasure for our readers as well as your fans to read it at the pages of Cruzine magazine. We wish you all the best!

Having no right to distract you from viewing the calendar pictures any longer, we are pleased to invite you to scroll down and enjoy the entire set of Daniela Hantuchova calendar photographs. Just let us remind you once again – this calendar is a charity initiative, so, if you are a fan of Daniela, please, consider purchasing the calendar in print from the official website of Daniela Hantuchova to make your personal contribution in the noble work of helping children with HIV in Cambodia.  After enjoying all the photographs, be prepared to check out one more unique gift from Cruzine and Daniela…

Daniela’s Calendar Photos

Bonus Material (unpublished)

About Daniela Hantuchova

Daniela Hantuchova is a professional tennis player, born April 23, 1983 in Slovakia. With her professional tennis career start in 1999, Daniela became one of the top ten in 2002. It was also in 2002 when Daniela received WTA Most Improved Player of the Year Award. With the permanent residence in Monte Carlo, Daniela travels a lot to participate in multiple tennis competitions around the globe. Besides, she takes up an active position in helping people in countries, like Cambodia, through her charity events and initiatives.


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