Photography Showcase – The Wisdom of Age

A child observes the world with his eyes wide open, because he realizes there is so much unknown, interesting, and exciting around, and it will take the whole lifetime to discover it all! The most common look and the expression on the face of a child is that of surprise – the feeling most unlikely to be seen in the eyes of an elderly person. What exactly can one read there? The answer to this question is in the images represented at our showcase dedicated to the age of wisdom, to the senior people.

They may be of different races and nationalities, but there is so much in common written on their faces! The very first thing, usually associated with elderly people, is wisdom acquired during their lifetime. Indeed, they have been through so much, they have experienced the storms and hurricanes of life; and all the grief and sorrow misfortune caused are now shown with the deep wrinkles. They have also known the lucky and favorable fate, which smiled at them from time to time, and the vague reflection of that genuine smile now shines from the eyes of seniors as well… Some of them look sad, as if saying, “You don’t really wanna know what I’ve seen in my life!” But the eyes of some others convince, “There are lots and lots of moments of pleasure in the life of every person to think about and recollect when one is old, but he has to live his whole life in order to learn to appreciate them all!

North by Roman Shalenkin

Poor person by Roman Shalenkin

Old man by Viktor Piktor

Old man by Andrey Khrushch

Muslim Old Man by Ivan Tretyakov

Old man by Denis Popov

Old man by Dima Kochetkov

Old man by Andrey Dorokhov

Old man by Mahan Bastani Parizi

Old Man from Rishikesh by Anastasiya Kononenko

P_2 by Mustafa Nallica

Old Man With Cigarette by Igor Philipenko

Faces of dominica 2 by Shoaib Malik

Old woman by Sebastian Bastex

Colorful poverty by Pavel Brylov

Old woman by Dmitry Kuznetsov

Old Woman From Jageshwar Temple by Anastasiya Kononenko

Granny by Alexey Tokarev

An old man by simona7569

Portrait of an old man by Robert

The portrait of an old man by Vlad Dumitrescu

One old man by simona7569

Old man by Zoltan Huszti

Old Man by :::momoclax:::

Old Man smoking cigar by Andy Kämpf

Old Man by Hamry Wabula

Old Man by Patrick Hickey

Dirty Old Man by Krtinic Nikola – Krta

Old man by Bror Johansson

An Old Man in Lamno by Fauzan Ijazah

Time passing through a window with an old woman beyond it inviting the world to smile by Sajad Pishdadi

Old woman by Jef Van den Houte

Old woman by karmazyniello

Old woman with pumpkins by Giorgio

Old woman by Mehdi Mesbahi

Cotton Granny by Sam Wright

Days gone by by Tracey Bewick

Photography: Digital by Megan Richardson

Portraits by Emre Ekinci

Faith by Jorge Brivilati

Faces of Light! by Mohamad Badr

Old man by Carina Sirbu

Old Man by pyrotechnician

This old man… by salemwitch

Old man.. by el1as

An old man by Martin Dimitrievski

Old Man Smoking by Leonida

A man. by Krawat93

Old Viking by Oskar Ostnes

Old man by Jana Dillo

A holy man by Meredith Kleiber

Old man by Peny

Old Man Street by Michael Matthews

Old Man And The Sea by Jure Dolžan

Old man by Marek Ogonowski

Old Man and The City by Lukasz Kazimierz

The Wild Man by chilouX

Old Man by Murat Koc

Old Man by Vahid Sohrabi

The Happy Man II by chilouX

Old Age by David Sant

Just an old woman by Nikola Borissov

Old Woman by salemwitch

Old Woman by Brutalster

It’s a long story by Laurent Auxietre

Aqui La Vida Renace by Beatrice Passeggio

Pride by mebay


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