Free Calligraphy Fonts – the Fine Lines of Perfection

Stylish and elegant, calligraphy fonts represent the quintessence of typography and font designs. Originating from the ancient art of hand-writing, calligraphy still remains among the most esteemed types of visual arts. When both the meaning of the text and its graphical representation achieve the ultimate levels of perfection, a real masterpiece is born. At the same time, the role of calligraphy fonts is far beyond the decorative function. Calligraphy helps to underline the true meaning of a text and reveal the emotions a writer wanted to share with his readers. That is why calligraphy fonts, like those free typefaces presented by Cruzine below, always feature distinct emotional and sensual visual appearance.

Calligrapher Regular


Unnamed Melody

Caligraf W

Beachman Script

Gelfling SF


New Day Script

Speedline Regular

Kingthings Calligraphica Light

Jerash Demo

Civitype FG


Gondola SD

A Charming Font Expanded

Francisco Lucas Briosa Regular



Black Chancery

Carolus FG


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