Wrecks Photography – the Memorable Remnants of the Former Glory

It must be a trait of the human character to be captivated and even magnified with the pictures of some drama, tragedy, or sorrow. Our attention is often easily caught by somebody’s sad life story, shocking experience, and dangerous situation. It looks like negative things occurring in our lives tend to cause deeper feelings and stronger emotions than the good ones. And in fact, this may be the most important feature of the human soul, because it gives raise to sympathy, it makes us feel the need to help, support, and comfort somebody in trouble. And that is actually humanism, which makes us humans.

Photographers from different parts of the world cannot remain indifferent if they witness the consequences of tragedies that happened to somebody. They try to capture that moment of grief on their photos and share it with others. Our “Wreck photography” gallery has collected the images one can meditate and think over. They will tell you the stories of the cars left to become the homes for rich herbs; the tragedies of the crashed helicopters; or about once majestic and proud ships, which furrowed the seas some time ago, but now doomed to end their days in the dunes of sands. And these stories are not just about the machines – they are also about people’s lives, which are full of changes, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse…

Chronicle of a wreck … by Martin Zalba

Scrap yard in the Murmansk Port by Yaroslav Nikitin

Boatyard by Antochenko Alexander

The Abandoned Cart! by Vinoth Chandar

The Last Stand by Mary Kay

Plassey Shipwreck by latchiko

An Inspector Calls by digipix76

The fixer-upper by Andrew Thatcher

The rope that binds us in rest by Andrew Thatcher

The Wreck by Gary McParland

Jake Seaplane … by Norbert Probst

SuperWasp by Matt Mawson

Was once the wall by Giulio.Ercolani

Boat Wrecks by Marc Loret

Diving the Wrecks of Bermuda by Julian Calverley

Le dernier voyage / The last trip by Frank Delatte

Discarded by Erik Johnson

Coober Pedy A Desert Town by Richard Marshall

Abandoned Airfield, Novgorod, Russia by Jonathan May

All that is Left by Tommaso Nervegna

All that is Left by Bemusement Park

Hybrid by Navid Baraty

Prairie Summer by Brennan Letkeman

Abandoned mobile homes by Aart Balk

Graffiti Wreck by HarryZero

Scrap Yard by RiotOutLoud

Plane Wreck, NT Australia by Paul Christey

Wreck by Chris Lindsell

Wreck by modemaryman

Wreck by Hugo Mercure

Old wreck by Dan Proud

Rally Wreck by Questavia

Car wreck by Nahoj Sennah

HDR Wreck by Jørgen Valen

Dimitrios – The wreck by Pytheas

Wreck by karmarist

Wreck… by Einherjinn

Red Wreck by Tony Taffinder

Wreck of the American Star by mrholidaymaker

Wreck of the Hesperus by John Paul George & Ringo

Wreck in Balbriggan Harbour by Ossie13

Wreck below the cliffs lands end by lovestruck

Wreck of the ‘Gratitude’, Macquarie Island, 1911 by State Library of New South Wales

Moreton Island Wreck by Glen Flower

Point Reyes Boat Wreck by Adam Smith

Agulhas Wreck by Nick Reed

Wreck At Kanyon Site – Kas by Hasan Yokes

The Wreck by Alex Bates

The Fugitive -Train Wreck by Jerry Jaynes

Mamiya 7 vs. bullet ridden wreck by Josh Douglas

Wrecked Wrecker by Joe McEwan

DC-3 Wreck and Auyan Tepui, Venezuela by Rowan Castle

Wreck on the moors 2 by Roland Ellison

Wreck of a Shed by Andrew Stawarz

Helicopter Wreck – Oman by Ian Hunter

L&N SW9 2274 after wreck by hunter1828

Wreck by Kristin Vilhjalmsdottir

Train wreck at Montparnasse 1895 by Studio Lévy & fils


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