Rivers and Waterfalls – Reflecting Power, Secrecy, and Beauty

Rivers – they have always played an important role in human life. Our ancient ancestors deified the rivers; we, modern generations of the human race, made our best to derive huge economic profits from exploiting the rivers and often devastating their natural riches; and our successors will, hopefully, make more efforts to save rivers and help them regain their natural beauty, richness, and purity.

Water is the source of life on Earth, according to the commonly accepted scientific theory. But flowing rivers are also a source and core element of many beautiful landscapes and natural sceneries, because they have unique ability to vivify the motionless pictures of nature. Furthermore, rivers can form such natural phenomena, as waterfalls with their unrestrained power and unique beauty.

We have chosen water or rivers and waterfalls photography in particular to be featured on Cruzine magazine today. Here you will be able to enjoy the incredible visual images of calmness and tranquility of quiet rivers, as well as irrepressible motion of mountain rivers and waterfalls. Furthermore, the below gallery illustrates different visual effects, which can be created by utilizing some specific photography techniques, such as HDR, long exposure, panoramic photography, etc.

Water by Suren Manvelyan

Water in Motion by Tim Messick

Odra river basin by Patrycja Makowska

The Planet in Layers by Mauro Risch

Skardu, Pakistan by M.Omair

Landscapes by Alan Jones

Running Water by Jennifer Esseiva

Rivers & Shadows by Perttu Saksa

The Ganges by Dillon Marsh

Rivers by George tiger3

Canyoning in Guara (Huesca, Spain) by Josep Ardiaca & Sofía Gómez

The Delaware Water Gap by Kevin J Furst

Land Meets Water by Darryn Kemper

Fotografia-Foz do Côvo (Paisagem Natural) by Paulo Coelho

Silent Morning by Andre Arment

Braided River by Doug Roane

Bighorn Canyon by Doug Roane

Night by the River… by Arild Heitmann

Dressed in Autumn by jimbi

Outflow by Doug Roane

Fairytale River by Roger Arleryd

After The Rain by Gary McParland

Misty river by Pam Colander

Aurora of the river Vipava by Robert Strahinjic

The Color Carpet by mm767cap

Winter Creek by Norbert Maier

Fall into the creek by Zoran Simic

Mountain Creek by Norbert Maier

Cuillin by John Parminter

Seljalandsfoss by Henrik Spranz

Seljalandsfoss by Claudio Coppari

The Goðafoss by James Appleton

Alpine Awakening by Doug Roane

Rythm by Ursula I Abresch

“Peaceful Nature” by Brian Henningsen

Watkins Glen by Brent Mooers

Lillaz Waterfall at dusk by Mario Spalla

A Waterfall by R.K.

River by Ricardo Silva

Somewhere Down The Crazy River by Gilad Benari

River of the Gods by Marc Adamus

Dawn at the river by Wojciech Dziadosz

Owens River Dawn by collectiveone

River Radiant: An alternative by Alexander Nail

Crooked River by Matthew Tauzer

Dark River… by José MARIANI

Columbia River Gorge by Brett Cohen

River flows in you by C4M30

HDR – Ave River by Luis Ramos

Fall, New River Gorge by Thomas R Biggs

Colorado River U by Kyle Wright

A River Runs Thru It by Justin Jew

Fall River by Juha M. Kinnunen

Waterfall by Syzygy001

The waterfall by nask0

Mystical Waterfall by Fatih Kilic

Waterfall: Radiance by Paula Cobleigh

Waterfall by Lucky978

Waterfall Detail by Stewart Wheeler

Rushing Waterfall by taeliac

Waterfall – Mossy Cascades by Paula Cobleigh

The Waterfall by Joshua Irwin

Waterfall Kozjak by Erik Simonic


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