Steampunk Photography and Illustrations – the Victorian Perspective on the Future

The combination of Victorian style, featuring its sophisticated beauty and inclination to the perfection, with slightly outdated yet daring futuristic concepts produced a specific art movement in the late 1980s, currently known as steampunk. This art style, actually, works like some kind of retrospective, showing the future technology innovations with the eyes of Victorian people, who lived a few centuries ago. That is why steampunk art in general and steampunk photography in particular often utilize the fusion of particular Victorian era attributes, such as clothing designs, for example, and some clear representations of futuristic technologies and achievements.

As you have already understood, steampunk photography is the theme of the new photo showcase at Cruzine. Now we invite you to the alternative yet absolutely unique world, where the natural beauty of the models is enforced with the extensive use of leather clothing of particular designs and metal accessories. Steampunk is the true evidence, proving that even seemingly uncombined things still can be combined under particular circumstances. Moreover, the results of such art and technology blending always draw wide public attention. Though, steampunk photography is a very provocative and ambiguous type of art with the large army of advocates and many opponents also, who doubt the artistic value of this art. However, steampunk has already established itself as part of the contemporary art, and now, supported by alternative cultures of goths, punks, cybergoths, gamers, and tech geeks, steampunk even aspires to evolve into a specific lifestyle soon.

Steampunk………Explored by Chris Willcocks

Nitrogene Steampunk/victorian shoot by Scott Chalmers

Steampunks! by Suemomo

Steampunk Taeyang Gyro by Suemomo

Steampunk Fashion – Daniel Proulx Autoportrait Steampunk Jewelry Designer by Daniel Proulx

Brooklyn Indie Market Steampunk by Anna Fischer

Steampunk by Scott Chalmers

League of Extraordinary Steampunks by Lex Machina

Velvet Mechanism Steampunk Chest Harness by alison.velvetgarden

Steampunk Corset (Front Detail) by Andrew Ferguson


UK – Oxford – Steampunk 02 – Robot pet by Darrell Godliman

Steampunk War Machine by Elisa Lazo de Valdez

Steampunk Prayer Mantis Sculpture by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Clockwork Spider Brass and Copper Wire Sculpture by Daniel Proulx

G. M. Wheeler Steampunk Vintage Button Necklace by calloohcallay

Steampunk Vintage Faucet Handle Necklace by Madelyn Smoak

Steampunk Ring by Grace Acosta

Steampunk Cuff Watch by ladyaranwen

THE PRISONER Vintage Steampunk Necklace by 19moons

TEMPUS REGINA Steampunk Vintage Watch Ring by 19moons

Steampunk Beholder Miniature robot sculpture by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Time Travel Bug Sculpture by Daniel Proulx

Multi-Oscillator Raygun Ring by Daniel Proulx

Steampunk Jewellery Robot Ring by Daniel Proulx

Murdress by Nuno Silva

Steampunk Vampire by Candace Miller

Halloween 2009 Steampunk by Evil Mastermind

Steampunk by Méli Hoppe

Steampunk 5 by Kat Bret

Steampunk 2 by Kat Bret

Steampunk 6 by Kat Bret

Steampunk by jfdavis28

Steampunk by misspixie93

Steampunk 4 by Kat Bret

Original Steampunk by Yaya 5 by shiroin

Steampunk Vixen by Pirate-Queen

Steampunk Revolution by alovelydoll

Original Steampunk by Yaya 7 by shiroin

Steampunk ID NYCC 1810 by Nei Ruffino

Steampunk Leather Gas Mask by Tom Banwell

steampunk golddd ss by Liam Brandon Murray

Steampunk by BlackRoseImmortalO

Steampunk by Amellya

Steampunk DeathNote: L Tracks by Kira Addict

Steampunk Fett in Autumn by Dim Horizon Studio LLC

Steampunk-Lady 2 by Leder-Joe

Steampunk Time-Travel Key by Drayok

Steampunk Antique WINGS brooch by Violette Noble

Steampunk Star by Collette J Ellis

Steampunk Robot by Rafa Maya

Steampunk Airship by Karol Miklas

Big Sir – Steampunk Robot by Brandon Herren

Steampunk Iron Man by antmanx68

Steampunk Robot Concept 2 by emze

Steampunk by Alexander Iglesias

SteamPunk Octopus by Alex Broeckel

Steampunk penguin by Takeda11

Make to Steampunk by ilker Yüksel

Steampunk by spraynwipe

Steampunk by Corey Fetters

Steampunk concept by Toni Justamante Jacobs

Steampunk Spiderman by Patrik Johansson

Steampunk Mech I by likaspapaya

Steampunk Darth Vader by Simon Joyce


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