4 Seasons Photography – Autumn

Today we want to present our readers with the collection of photographs, devoted to autumn. This is the first set of our upcoming series of photographs, featuring all the four seasons. Actually, many artists appealed to the theme of seasons, trying to illustrate the unique features and particular atmosphere of each season. Let’s remember here the music masterpiece by Antonio VivaldiLe Quattro Stagioni or The Four Seasons. In his work the great master of the Baroque music managed to recreate the particular images of autumn, winter, spring, and summer with the help of sounds. Following rather an ambitious purpose, we are going to do the same but only with the help of visual images – photographs, illustrating each season in the most vivid and accurate way.

Today autumn will play the solo. In contrast to a widely-accepted perception of autumn as the gloomy, sad, and melancholic season, we want to show autumn from a slightly different angle, revealing the true nature of autumn with its unique kaleidoscope of colors, shades, and natural textures you will hardly find in any other season of the year. From yellow to bright red and orange and from grey to deep blue – the color spectrum of autumn amazes and inspires. After all, even the melancholic attribute itself can be doubted and turned into the sign of eternal hope and life sequence – though the leaves fall down and die every autumn, very soon the entire nature will resurrect, giving a new beginning to life…

Last Colors by Jennifer Esseiva

Laceleaf by Laura Kicey

Colors of Autumn by Joann Vitali

Shenandoah National Park by Joel LeVan

A cold morning by Marcin Połowianiuk

Autumn by Cheeky Photography

Art project – Photography by Arnaud Jolois

Nature by Agnieszka Potocka

Colors of Italy by Luca Pisanu

AUTUMN 2010 by Patrycja Makowska

Samples of autumn by Roman Joe

Autumn by Jennifer Esseiva

Autumn Colours by Victor Eredel

Autumn Colours Part II by Victor Eredel

Autumn Drama | PICS by Vera Braghiroli

Autumn Apples by Andrew Usachov

Photography: autumn by Lina Gavenaite

To Autumn by Patrycja Makowska

The Cedar Creek Grist Mill by Michael Lindsley

The autumn has come by Magda Berny

Autumn Arrives by John Parminter

Silently Seeping by John Parminter

Autumn Sunrise by Gary McParland

Photo by Przemyslaw Kruk

Autumn by Ton van Zegveld

Autumn idyll by jimbi

Autumn by Norbert Maier

Autumn Time by Uzay

Autumn tint by kato_mikio

Red forest by Holger Droste

Autumn Still Life by auster

Autumn by Przemyslaw Kruk

Autumn by Anna Ulmestrand

Dressed in Autumn by jimbi

Autumn sun by Tobias Zeising

Autumn Ethereal by Alexandre Deschaumes

Latvian autumn by kuzjka

Colours of autumn by Julia Chwała

Autumn palette by Scarlett1313

Autumn by Toadsmoothy2

Autumn by Ugne Vasyliute

Autumn I… by Michael Laukeninks

Autumn by KaramNatour

Autumn by Wild-Kegan

Autumn by hermiz

Autumn leaves by eaniton

Autumn. by Angelika Mirocha

Autumn is coming by WindyLife

Cane Creek autumn by Stewart Wheeler

Autumn sun by majcy92

Autumn Leaves by artifexa

.Grand Theft Autumn. by Katharina Fösel

Mark of Autumn by Lucas W.

Autumn Love by Cora Mylene

Autumn Breakup by airicalush

Autumn by luidoodle

Mount Hood Autumn Sunset by greglief

Autumn at Japanese Spa by WindyLife

Autumn by mandyisdandy248

A Touch of Autumn by kkart


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