4 Seasons Photography – Autumn

4 Seasons Photography – Autumn

Today we want to present our readers with the collection of photographs, devoted to autumn. This is the first set of our upcoming series of photographs, featuring all the four seasons. Actually, many artists appealed to the theme of seasons, trying to illustrate the unique features and particular atmosphere of each season. Let’s remember here the music masterpiece by Antonio Vivaldi – Le Quattro Stagioni or The Four Seasons. In his work the great master of the Baroque music managed to recreate the particular images of autumn, winter, spring, and summer with the help of sounds. Following rather an ambitious purpose, we are going to do the same but only with the help of visual images – photographs, illustrating each season in the most vivid and accurate way.

Today autumn will play the solo. In contrast to a widely-accepted perception of autumn as the gloomy, sad, and melancholic season, we want to show autumn from a slightly different angle, revealing the true nature of autumn with its unique kaleidoscope of colors, shades, and natural textures you will hardly find in any other season of the year. From yellow to bright red and orange and from grey to deep blue – the color spectrum of autumn amazes and inspires. After all, even the melancholic attribute itself can be doubted and turned into the sign of eternal hope and life sequence – though the leaves fall down and die every autumn, very soon the entire nature will resurrect, giving a new beginning to life…

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