Trees – an Amazing Variety of Shapes

Along with their biological role, trees have always played an important role in human culture, being a symbol of nature, environment, and even life itself. No wonder that artists, including photographers and painters, often illustrate trees in their works. The variety of shapes, one can witness looking through the tree showcase we have prepared today, really amazes. Some of the trees astonish with their giant dimensions and others feature absolutely weird and unusual shapes, one might not even associate with the tree species.

Being a part of the natural environment, trees themselves can make or define the entire scenery appearance. Just like the professional photo models, trees can form the core of the photography and define its emotional load and aesthetic feel. Looking at the tree photographs below, you will see a variety of distinct reflections, each symbolizing a particular feature: mightiness, urge towards living, mysteriousness, fertility, nobleness, wisdom, and joy. Unfortunately, the majority of humans have always treated trees as the raw material for their industrial needs, constantly devastating forests and forgetting that each tree is nothing but a small universe, which is a home for many living beings and also an oxygen factory for planet Earth. Hopefully, looking at the tree pictures below, people will be able to see the trees from the different angle – the one, where the true purpose and value of trees are clearly distinctive.

The beech with human face by Leszek Paradowski

Circulatory system of the forest by Alexandr Popovsky

The tree by Mel Brackstone

Winter degradee by Stefania Cruceru

Spruce forest by Mika Sjöman

Staying Together by Andreas Wonisch

Misty Trees by Luka Gorjup

By the woods by Jack Ambridge

Barn Bluff at Twilight by J. Nathaniel Dicke

Autumn in Transylvania by Szocs Tamas

Trees – Stories from the past by Dennis M

Sugar Coated Wonderland by Joseph Poulli

Enjoy the details of Oaxaca by Nydia Lilian

Landscapes by Julie Rey

White Noise by Matthias Heiderich

Earth by Navid Baraty

Winter time – minimalistic snow sqaures by Vladimir Zivkovic

MAGIC TREES by Leandro Sanchez

Forest magic by Vladimir Zivkovic

Sunset in different world by Marta Rudyk

Lines by Marcus Bastel

Morning fog by Beth Skinner

Tree by Eugene Safian

Tree by Hobgoblin666

Tree 70 by Pensieri Stupendi

Baobab Alley by Anthony Asael

Baobab Tree by Matt Hopkins

Belvoir Tree Autumn, Close R by Gerard Callaghan

Hold That Tree by Herr Eits

Portrait of Tree. . . by Marcin Stawiarz

Portrait of tree. . . . by Marcin Stawiarz

The Last Tree by Marcin Stawiarz

The Tree by closer-to-heaven

Winter tree by Ilva Rimicāne

Family Tree by Gilad Benari

Tree Of Light by Marco Heisler

Tree Of Pain by Adam Wicinski

Tree Of Light by lowapproach

Lone Tree by Chris Gin

Belvoir Tree from Below R by Gerard Callaghan

The Cherry Tree by Gwarf

The Dark Tree by David Preissel

The saint tree by Gilad Benari

Burning tree by Floriana Barbu

Enchanted Tree by lowapproach

Under The Tree by Dennis Chunga

Tree 75 by Pensieri Stupendi

Another Creepy Tree by mollykubes539

Belvoir Tree, October 2009 III by Gerard Callaghan

El Hierro; El Sabinar; Juniperus phoenicea; Jeneverbes; Juniper Tree by Jan Willem Steffelaar

My summer vacation… Pine tree view by Jo Christian Oterhals

Old Tree New Look by Raj Rami

Old Tree At The GrandCanyon by Brian Callahan

Old Tree by Tommy Huynh


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