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Technically speaking, a road is nothing but a way or route between two places. However, what a powerful energy roads have, inspiring poets, painters, and photographers since the dawn of the times. The number of songs and paintings, devoted to roads, really impresses. “Open Road” by Bryan Adams, “On the Road Again” by Aerosmith, “Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles are just a few examples to mention here. Photographers also often choose to show roads on their works. Whether it is an old rural earth road or a modern hi-tech highway, a road will always be the symbol of connection, life search, and infinity.

Let’s look at some statistics out there: the length of the USA roadways network exceeds 6.4 million (!) kilometers. For comparison, the distance from Earth to Moon is said to be just 363 104 km. What is even more impressive is the particular feature of the roads, which often work like sponges, witnessing silently and absorbing all the events happening around. That is why roads are tightly connected with the history of a particular region, as well as with people, walking and driving those roads. And that is why, looking at the road photography, you can see much more than expressed by a common technical definition of a road.

The Dark Hedges by Klarens

Road to nowhere… by Petra Oldeman

Country road by kruno

Cross Road by Jeannette Oerlemans

Roads go ever, ever on by Mark Peters

Autumn… is over by Adi Popa

Road to nowhere… by Krzysztof Browko

The road by Andrea Lorenzetti

Road by Krzysztof Browko

Road home by John Parminter

Country Road at Night by Przemyslaw Wielicki

The Death Valley by Dan Lavric

Awe by Lev Tsimring

Nearby … by Dare Turnsek

Rough Road Ahead by Sean McCormick

Curve by Roger Arleryd

Drunk N Tunnel by Jerry Berry

Journeyhome by Holger Droste

The Road Goes Ever On & On by Gary McParland

Victoria, Australia by Jonathan May

Alaska by Navid Baraty

Compiled Photography by Taylor Pemberton

Way by Ruben Brulat

On the road by Laurent Nivalle

From the Road by Lathen Kamas

10,000 ft by Julia Kozlov


Quebec Roads by Simon Duhamel

IQQ by Gustavo Paz Photography

Russia by Sachin Sawhney

Roads roads… Icelandic roads by Piotr Adam Szuszkiewicz

SICILIAN ROADS by Massimo Martino

Road trip across the USA – A best of by Chuck & Twist

The Luminarium: We Are Dust & Shadow by Jack Damon

01 by Serge

Tokyo: lines by Tata Vislevskaya

Tokyo – Urban Neon Nights by Thomas Birke

Oiled and Faded by Buck Pago

Manchester By Night by Mark Ferguson

On the way by Albert Janzen

Landscapes Cities by Álvaro Martino

Hanoï the beautiful by Jp Paul

Desert road into the mountains by Michael Krigsman

The road to… by Lorien

The long and winding road by Hannelore Schmid

Dark road by Latyrx

Green Tunnel or ‘The Road to Hobbiton’ by Hauke Steinberg

Northport Road Summer – Explore by Denny Moutray

Roller Coaster Road – Spring by billtam

That road, Monument Valley by John Dalkin

Yellow brick road by Daryn Moffitt

Hong Kong – Rail and Road Traffic Trails by Markus Bahlmann

The Road that Never Sleeps by TurnipFarmer

Hong Kong – Connaught Road Central by Markus Bahlmann

The long and winding road by Rainer Schütz

What’s a Road trip Without a Road by David Bailey

Bend in the road by snarl

Road by Patrik Engman

Sognefjellsveien mountain road, mid June by Martin Ystenes


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