Fil Dunsky – the “Marmalade” Illustrations to the Reggae Music

All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Looking at the bright, naïve, funny, highly detailed and live-colored illustrations by Fil Dunsky, a 25-years old Russian illustrator, it seems this man of art has managed to find the key to unlock the problem once stated by his style guru – Pablo Picasso. Describing his style of illustrations, Fil says: “It is like marmalade: sweet, childish, positive, cheerful… It is like a 5-years old child sitting on the ground and playing with colors and forms”. Being already a well-established yet instantly progressing graphic illustrator with the solid portfolio of completed works for many local and world-known trademarks, such as Wrigley, Milka, Coca-Cola, Beeline, Fil Dunsky enjoys the freedom of freelance work from his own studio in the Far East Russian city of Vladivostok.

Fil Dunsky was born in 1985 to a family, where art was among the core values. His mother, a teacher of fine arts, ensured the appropriate home atmosphere for the creative soul to grow up, and his father, a photographer and illustrator, showed a young boy the way to a fantastic world of graphic art, photography, collage, and painting. The seeds of creativity and artistic vision that were sowed into the child’s soul, when he witnessed the true magic of creating photographic images in his father’s laboratory and turning them into fabulous collages, soon sprouted with the exceptional talent and yielded rich harvest of exceptionally skillful illustrations by Fil.

In the age of 12, Fil created his first series of illustrations for some visiting cards; and since then new and new illustrations poured down, as if coming out of the Horn of Plenty. To gain the theoretic background and to perfect his drawing skills, Fil spent six years, studying graphic design in the University. Upon graduation, he worked for about two years in the local design studio; however, Fil’s artistic soul required more freedom and liberty, so he eventually voted for freelance work to be able “to choose when, what and where to work”.

The inner world of the artist, who is fond of yoga, meditation, and Bob Marley music, receives reflection in his works, which are always extremely bright, childishly naïve, and filled with love, happiness, and joy. Recent illustrations by Fil Dunsky include a series of calendar pictures for Wrigley China. Indeed, what an impressive collage of vivid characters, colors, and high-resolution details is featured on every illustration.

Another interesting project, authored by Fil Dunsky, is the illustration for Badalona city, Spain. Fil painted the historical moment, when the Queen granted the City title to a village of Badalona. The exhibition, featuring illustrations of 100 historical moments of the city, has recently been opened in Badalona and over time it will be brought to Barcelona and Madrid.

Fil Dunsky also gained a reputation of a talented advertising illustrator. In contrast to wide-spreading aggressive advertising techniques, which exploit provocative themes and subjects, the cute and funny characters, created by Fil, for promoting the services of Beeline, Russian telecommunication service provider, create the family-like atmosphere of warmth and friendship, which effectively targets the goals of advertising by stimulating the positive values receptors in the audience.

Looking at the works of Fil Dunsky, it is getting clear that the true talent and skills do not have age limit. Indeed, today in his 25 years Fil has already created an immense gallery of illustrations for multiple applications and purposes: from web design to calendars and from advertising to gallery art. And this is only the beginning…  Tomorrow, the guy will again wake up at 4;30 a.m., will do his yoga for a couple of hours, and will open a new page in his album to create another illustration, which, I can already say it for sure, could be titled “The ode to life”, even if it is going to be an illustration for tires advertisement.

From Fil to all Cruzine readers:

Best of Fil Dunsky

Wrigley China

Qatar Consumer Protection Bureau

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