Science and Technology Logo Designs

Every Friday Cruzine comes up to you with a portion of new ideas of logo designs, featuring a particular object or theme. Today, we have prepared a showcase of science and technology logos to demonstrate you how different signs and symbols, commonly associated with high technologies and science, can be utilized in logo design. With simple yet contrasting colors, basic geometric shapes, and clear fonts carrying distinct hi-tech features, these logos represent a specific trend in logo design: strict, reserved, accurate, and rational rather than emotional.

Handel Group by Christopher Hanley

Scottish Council on Human Bioethics by Marc Jones

Cardiac Science by Jared Milam

The Nights of Science in Doha by Karim Abourizk

Texas Compounding Pharmacy by Jerron Ames

ZIVO by Michael Spitz

Portnology by Srdjan Kirtic

Maxwell lab by Mattia Moretto

Super Bomb Labs by Dean Hudson

Blogex by A. William Patino

Laboholic by Srdjan Kirtic

Ecstatic Labs by Kim Hubball


Equalab by Arnas Goldbergas

Inqling by Flant

Nanoo by BluesCue

Ayasdi by Sean Heisler

Altaro by Mario Borg

Knowledge & Wisdom by OcularInk

Rocket Nerds by Jerron Ames

Terranova by Adrian Espinoza

Franchise Booster V1.1 by Logocrave

2D CREATIONS by matjak

MANT by Thomas Fogarasy

McDonald Observatory by Ben Garner

Gecko by A. William Patino

SYSIOS by Alexander Wende

Deskwatch by Leighton Hubbell

Oinfo by Julium Schramm

Inquestic by Sean Heisler

Micom by Mariana Cosic

PYMECITO by matatena

RMP by Yetnick Kosma

Cocoa stuff by Denis Olenik

Apex by Pendar Yousefi

CST by Jan Zabransky

The Big Reorg by Florin Capota

Neutrico by Yetnick Kosma

Evos by Valentin Masliyev

Impact 413 by OcularInk

Octeye by Noetic Brands

Molix by Thomas Egan

COS – 1 by Richard Baird

COS – 3 by Richard Baird

Life by Veep

Chavra by Veep


ROBODROIDZ by matjak

Veristack by Veep by tolga

Govity by TriangleWrap

Soma by seearno

FISQUA by zapunk

Fusion by Ross Burwell Designs

Seoflover by Gal

Fuse Fox by Veep

Crowcube by Veep

OPTAO by Veep

Xflexy by voxsix


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