Daily Inspirations no. 34

Today is Thursday, and this day of the week has a pretty interesting etymology. Thursday is derived from the name of the Roman god of sky and thunder – Jupiter. In Sanskrit the name of Jupiter is Guru… Taking this into account, Thursday may be just the perfect timing to gain some inspiration, shared by the real gurus of design and graphic art. Have a look at the breathtaking nature photography by Joni Niemela, felicitous caricature by Patrick Strogulski, or sophisticated font designs by Juart Little – and you’ll feel some celestial commencement of these artists’ talents. We believe the art works, collected by us today, are powerful enough to charge you with inspiration and creative energy.


Macro by Joni Niemela

Photo by Joni Niemela

Picture by Denis Syplenko

Photo by Dmitry G. Pavlov

Photo by Jean-Baptiste Mondino


Photo by Christophe Gilbert

Photo by Vincent Dixon


Artwork by David Fuhrer

Caricatures by Patrick Strogulski

Artwork by James Ng

Artwork by Bec Winnel

Artwork by Gloom

3d Arts

3D Character Design by Mark Gmehling

Art and Digital Art

Beauty Spirit by Tony Ariawan

Artwork by Alexey Kurbatov

Artwork by Vegetable Art


Beautiful Decay Issue T by Alex Trochut

Doughboy in action by Gaetan Namouric

DBCW font by Julien Tourdot


BCAMA: Pinata by Grey

Fundación Par (People with disabilities foundation): Penguin by Mccann Erickson

Rhythm House: 50Cent Voodoo by Publicis


Rocking chair by Scott Wilson

Bird’s Nest Chair by Timothy Schreiber


WB-1010 by Reindy Allendra

Power, Luxury Meet Mother Nature by Gabriel Tam


They Make Apps


Painted textures vol. 10 by resurgere

Download Texture Pack

Vintage IV Texture Pack by Michelle Bretland

Download Texture Pack


I love stop motion by Chloe Fleury


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