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Even in the era of digital photography with all its powerful capabilities in terms of image processing and visual effects production, retro photo still draws the attention of many photography fans; and the art galleries, displaying retro photographs, still attract many visitors interested in art photography. What is the secret of retro photography? Though they are often made in black and white and not rarely have some minor defects, like blurring or stains, retro photos still possess some secret power to attract people’s attention. Maybe, it is because earlier photographic techniques required more manual work to produce an image and through this personal touch photographers invested a part of their souls into each of their creations?

By the way, retro photo is not only about old documentary photography, captured dozens of years ago. Retro photographs are also those, featuring retro vehicles, old interior designs, models, wearing old fashion clothing and make-up. People say those, who do not remember their past, do not deserve the future. In this regards, retro photo produces instant linking between modern and previous generations. Along with its emotional value, retro photography also carries significant artistic qualities with unique light and shade installation, highlighting the gestures and postures of the models along with their inner emotional world. Finally, there is some particular uniqueness in retro photos; this uniqueness has already passed the test of time, thus deserved its place in the hall of the greatest photography legacy.

Sara by Kuba Kobylecki

Retro lady by Katarina Kupkarova

At that time by Jean-Paul Kowitz

“at that time” by Jean-Paul Kowitz

Memories by Jean-Paul Kowitz

Fire . . . by Jean-Paul Kowitz

Retro. Lora. by atelie056 Creative Studio

Angel “How to Make a Delicious Cupcake” by Gilbert & Brian Haider

Happinezz by Peter Kemp

Freaky Chixx by Max Texnik

Simple Kush by Nick Merzetti

Where the green grass grows by Olya Yakovleva

Brokedown by Linger Studios

Re Tro by Diana Ionescu

Retro caffee by Suren Manvelyan

The desperate housewife by Fabio Meschini

Berlin RoadRunner’s by Paulina Mirowska

Harris Grade – “Lipstick Politics” Album shoot by Tim Melideo

Miss Scarlett Martini by Stefano Pedretti

Bowling Alley Retro 70′s shoot by Kaizen Visuals

Lehkost by Ruben Lizana

Art deco by Brice Hardelin

A Liitle Bit Coca-Cola … by Monika Skalak

Retro – 80′s by Javier Del Mármol

2009.07.10 | Chevrolet Impala SS by Simon H.

Retro Setting by Kimber Shaw

Stare At Stones I by René Stalder

Retro Cool by Andrew Smith

Retro cars shots by Retro cars shots

Bugatti by Christian Powell

MIAMI BEACH by Marianne Rafter

The Time Machine by deff world

Last Days of Decadence by Eva Orszagh

50´s by Raul Pomares

Retro by Asiy

Go retro by Queen Enigma

Abat-jour II Retro by Indigostudio

Retro Blue Chucks by Elizaveta Medvedeva

Retro by Miss-Toxica

Kinga retro by Gáncs Erika

Retro music by Nadja

Retro by Sarah/Yael

Retro girl loves the camera by Moldvai Aniko

Cuba Gallery: Retro / vintage / camera / hands / photography by Andrew

Cuba Gallery: Classic retro car by Andrew

Vintage Green 1950 Desoto & Black ’50 Pontiac by John Sullivan

Retro Pink by Víctor Almendra

Retro duo (Film noir serie 02) by Chris Dessaigne

Vintage camping by Laurent Nivalle

Le Mans Classic 2010 by Laurent Nivalle

1942 Harley Davidson by Kardo Ayoub

Arrête Mon Coeur by Vanda Noronha

Cape Town shoot by Milan Josipovic

Pleasantville Perverted by Cheyne Gallarde

Les Fantomes D’Marlene by Nicoline Patricia Malina

Timeless Treasures by Dasha Denger

1939 by Ari Hallami

Annata 1954 by Riccardo Raiti

Vintage Beauty by Jordan Duvall

Vintage Golf by Amy M. Phillips and Fairlight Hubbard


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