Hard Work Portraits

Miners and welders, loggers and metallurgists – these and many other people of hard manual labor literally work hard to secure the industrial progress we have today and ensure all the benefits and comforts of modern life style. Of course, more and more automation is introduced in every specific field of industry, though the role of manual labor still remains significant. There is something special about people, who work physically. Such type of work seems to be the most honest and true activity. With the portraits of hard work people, we have decided to share with Cruzine readers today, you will be able to feel that honesty and truth.

Indeed, there is so much humanity and purity about hard work. The faces of workers, even covered with dust, may radiate much more light, purity, and sincerity than the well-groomed faces of white-collars. Looking into the eyes of hard workers, one can find a unique range of feelings, which is not easy to find anywhere else. Along with extreme tiredness and suffering, there are also sparkles of pure happiness, satisfaction of the completed work, and understanding of the value, hard manual work has always had for the human civilization progress.

Thor’s hammer by Claude Bour

Goldsmith by Jure Kravanja

Photo by Allon Kira

Mr. Smith by Vlad Dumitrescu

Blacksmith working by Jan Zajc

4.30 PM by Andre Arment

The speleologist by photographiste

Miners by Dr Mimi

Hard work by Salih Arikan

Hard at Work by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Coal mine workers , minus (below sea level) 485 meter underground by Yavuz Sariyildiz

Perfect engineering works :-) by Robert

The Pyrophone by dougi

Manmade by dougi

Fireman at work by Hye

The Charge by Oliver Burt

Busted !!! by anto XIII

Fishermen by Jure Kravanja

Stannic by Utku Temel

Sky worker by Bader Albassam

Hard work by Old Mikefield

Working Ghosts by Bogdan Bousca

Tearing down the house by Tomer Jacobson

Welding Job by hakaNikon

Welding by Lachezar Karadjov

Beringsea Fishermen / Coalminers by Jeroen Hofman

AMERICAN FARMER – with Paul Mobley by Mike Campau

Waterfront Workers – Yangon by Albert Normandin

WaterWomen by Christian Harkness

Force India by Manoj Jadhav


The real Iron Men by Fahim Akhter

THE EMERALD PATH: PART 2 by Mauricio Morales

PHOTO SERIES – “Superhereos” by Alexander Nowak

Performance Transmissions by James Jackman

Dock Workers by Erhan Aksu

Strangers by Ryan Hicks

People by Joe Atlas

One week of a fisherman by Hidde van der Ploeg

Building worker by Huy Nguyen

Sagrada Famiglia – worker by Othmane

Car doctor by Terabass

Hard work by Abdullah Ghajar

Hard work by pesky-dwarf

Hard work people by Humberto Carvalho

The Worker by Anind Agung Sam

Worker no. 5 by sigpras

Steel worker by Salih Güler

Worker by AYDAKS

Worker by Ali Şahin

Child worker by Mert Çakır

Light of worker by tcokyasar


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