Interpreting Inspiration

Inspiration and outright thievery have one thing in common. There is a source – a point of reference or a point of origin. While many would quote Picasso as saying “Bad artists copy and great artists steal.” in order to ease a crying conscience, the basis of this article is an exploration into the nature of being itself.

The Internet

The inter-webs is an exciting place to live in. Social networking has made the humongous store of information into a little ping pong ball that bounces around incessantly from one person to another. However the greatest gift of the internet has been the concept of sharing. Something that in modern times is increasingly rare. The FSF or Free Software Foundation, Copyleft, Free Art License, Creative Commons and the Open Source principles of sharing are the basic foundation for the rapid growth of the Internet and associated industries today. Cloud computing is the next best thing to grow on the same principles that have given this vision of a new frontier of digital evolution.

The Theory

I have a belief that our minds are interconnected like the way computers and devices are inter connected via the Internet. Thoughts and ideas are floating around in the cloud for one and all to access, absorb and apply. The one who ideates and successfully executes or as Seth Godin says ‘ships it!’ is the originator and the one who comes a close second has to content with the title of imitator. All is not lost for the world is still a wide wild world despite the Internet and innovation is another avenue for entrepreneurship. It is said that many people stumble upon the truth, but most get up and walk away like nothing happened. So an apple falling can trigger an outburst of thought or an even wiser man might just choose to eat it! Information is all around us and what we choose to do with it is up to each one of us. Knowledge is only real when applied and inspiration is only true when derived from.

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A weird sounding word if ever there was one, but for lack of a better adjective, I’ll stick to unique-ness. We all are colored by our personal experiences through life, the environment, society and our responses to the afore mentioned stimuli. As an artist, it is commonplace to notice that a single point can be viewed from a zillion different perspectives, each unique and individual. Thus inspiration which thanks to the Internet today is so ‘in-your-face’ still offers every single viewer a uniquely different view-point or a channel for expression. The implementation that follows inspiration is always unique allowing everyone to use the creations of the human mind in a creative manner, regardless of their types and ways of expression.

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Come one, come all! I invite you to steal, pillage, ravage and make merry like the jolly pirates that sailed the black seas. Remember that the spirit of sharing is what has founded the Internet, expanded the social networks and inspired the cloud. It is not stealing if the source is shared. So heed Picasso’s cryptic words and steal! The revolution begins within yourself. Break free of your own boundaries of decorum and indulge in inspiration.

Note: This article intends to inspire debate, catalyse conversation and provoke a revolution within. All parts may be copied, shared or distributes as-is or hacked into a thousand letters of insignificant inference.


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Ritesh Reddy

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