Tilt-Shift Photography for Selective Focus

Tilt-shift photography is one more practical example showing how imaging technique may turn into a true visual art. Technically speaking, tilt-shift photography (tilt and shift are, actually, two separate procedures) refers to a specific technique of taking a photo while applying certain camera movements, ensured by specifically designed tilt or shift optical lens or image post processing with the help of Photoshop, for example. The application of tilt-shift photography technique allows producing interesting and artful visual effects, such as selective focus, which is often used to create the illusion of miniature scene.

Viewing the selection of photographs below, you will be able to see and evaluate particular effects, created with the help of tilt-shift photography technique. Using selective focus a photographer draws viewers’ attention to the specific objects on the scene – some particular building, a tree, or a human standing in the crowd, etc. While concentrating attention on the sharp objects in focus, tilt-shift photography allows making the other part of the picture unsharp or fuzzy, thus creating the illusion of perspective. This is how miniature illusion is generated. Tilt, as well as shift effects, is commonly used to make pictures of rural or city landscapes more appealing, vivid, and artistic. Such photographs may often look like oil paintings, when an artist concentrates on accurate portraying of all the details of the center place of the image, while drawing the backstage just with some blurry, seemingly careless brushes.

Miniature Vietnam by Will Manley

Miniature Vietnam and it's rice fields

What a small world by Kristen Jan

electrified railway miniature

Dover tilt shifts by Mark Edwards

logistic center tilt shift

Paris en tout petit by Antoine Bouchard

Paris in tilt shifts

Toy cities by Natasha N.

miniature skyscrapers

tilt shift city photography

Tilt Photography by Luis Morgado

historic building tilt shift

lake and fruit trees tilt shift

Little Lands by Jack Ambridge

buses and little houses

shipyard tilt shifts

country side

green fields

small town tilt shift

Spiritual Altitudes by Deniz Hotamisligil

beach houses

tractors and heavy machinery tilt shift

Minimize / Andorra by Daniel Espírito Santo

snow land

mountain resort parking lot

Andorra tilt shift

Minimize Lisbon by Daniel Espírito Santo

red Lisbon bridge miniaturized

construction site

Minimize Lisbon

the streets of Lisbon

New York Miniature by Christoph

New York skyscrapers minimized tilt shift

pepsi cola ad in New York - miniature tilt shift photography

It’s a small world – Tilt Shift Photography by Sascha Kuntze

workers at the construction site - tilt shift

workers working

Niagara Falls tilt shift miniature

Little World by Bryan Solarski

NHL hockey game tilt shift miniature photography

city square tilt shift

people practice

Tilt Shift Photography aka little toys by Albino Tonnina

people in historic dresses - mid age tilt shift

terraces - tilt shift photography

Tilt Shift Photography by Jon Black

streets with cars tilt shift

Tiny Tokyo by Steven Losier

Tokyo as miniature - tilt shift photography

Tilt Shifting by Julien LAGARDERE

the city center tilt shift photography

family villas tilt shift miniature

Tilt Shift 2 Re-visited by Richard Wisbey

cars tilt shift

Sydney, tilt-shifted by Becky EnVérité

Sydney, tilt-shifted

Tilt Shift practice 4 by Chad Connell

city downtown tilt shift

Tokyo Tilt Shift by Kara So Kua

Tokyo Tilt Shift

Corfe Tilt Shift by Dan Meineck

train Tilt Shift

Tilt-Shift by Alexander Fernandes

construction works and mixers Tilt-Shift

Tilt Shift Train by Mr Tom

train entering a tunnel tilt shift

Tilt-shift Greenland Village by Dylan Bishop

Tilt-shift Greenland Village

Tilt my container by GamaWeb

haven full of containers - tilt shift

NYC Tilt Shift by Adam Bartman

NYC Tilt Shift

Road and Red Rock Tilt Shift by sciph

Road and Red Rock Tilt Shift

Rail Bridge Tilt Shift by Mark Ingram

Rail Bridge Tilt Shift

Tilt shift fun by DanielloPL

tilt shift fun

Tilt Shift by infazz

Tilt Shift


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